Monday, May 31, 2010

Weed Garden to Vegie Garden

Mr Caterpillar.....I am sure I saw at least four different caterpillars. Green, hairy black and hairy orange and this guy.

Hi everyone, well I did get out into my garden yesterday. The weather was perfect a little cloudy to start with followed by blue skies. Thought I would share a few of the inhabitants that now have to find a new home as I have removed all the weeds they were hiding in.

Lanky Legs

Little Miss Ladybug on a Pineapple leaf......the only plant left in the garden. I hope this guy truly moves on and doesn't find my yummy new seedlings.

This guy was just the cutest. He sat still watching my from his little spot in the Pineapple leaves. He was approx 1.5cm long. There were another two frogs in the garden which were smaller still. So the garden was alive with bugs. When I dug the soil up I was very happy to see some lovely long earthworms hiding in the soil.

I took the girls off to Bunnings Nursery and bought ourselves some fertiliser to give the soil a boost. Also some seedlings. Parsley, Basil, Tomato (Tropic), Snow Peas, Celery, Capsicum and Mignonette Lettuce. We had corn seeds at home which we planted also. Now I can't wait until it is already to munch on. Happy Monday everyone.


  1. These are fantastic photos,so different from what we have in N. Ireland! Ruth x

  2. You certainly uncovered some friends living in your garden. I too hope they don't munch on all your efforts of your new garden. Sounds delish!!

    Kylie ox

  3. awesome photos! very cool, thanks for sharing!

  4. Certainly some neat critters that look different than we have around here...thanks for sharing! Hope your garden does great!


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