Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Prize Goodies and Thankyou Folder

Morning everyone, Blogger wasn't playing with me yesterday.....he wouldn't let me upload my photos. Which is probably just as well as I had hubby home with a sore back, poor thing. One of those occasions you don't do any different and your back kills you. All he did was go to get out of the car...twing his back was sore. It's a bit better today and has headed off to work. Oh and the sun is out....beautiful. The air had a slight chill to it this morning. Autumn is on it's way. Yay!

Now onto my photos. First is a folder of cards I am working on to send to my hubby's grandfather and his new wife. Yes, they got married last Thursday. Grandfather is 95 and turns 96 in a weeks time. His new wife is 90. A shame we couldn't attend as the wedding was down in Sydney but the photos we saw showed a couple very much in love. So there is hope for everyone. :-) I wanted to send them a little something as a wedding gift. So have decided that a few 'thank you' cards and other cards would not go astray. A great chance to for me to play with one of my Stampin Up prizes. 'Three For You' punch and stamp set which you can see in the photo below. The Thank You greeting is actually a 'Just Rite' stamp which I thought had the right font for these cards.

This is my wonderful new set.....I am sure to have lots of fun with.

A non cardmaking friend joined myself and another friend for the night. She won a bottle of wine and then another prize which had to be Stampin Up product. She was so lovely and picked this wonderful paper pack and halved it between myself and the other friend.

Yes, I was still lucky and won this great scrapbooking kit on the night. The papers are lovely and I think I will use them on the book in my next photo.

I am so spoilt as the lovely Mandy sent me this wonderful collection of goodies from Blue Edge Crafts for helping out over at Craftmad. Love all those ribbons and I have never tried one of these Kaiser Craft books before but admire lots that I have seen done. This is what I think the papers above will look good on.


  1. thats wonderful about your grandfather-in-law!

    LOVE your goodies, and awesome thankyou cards and folder!

  2. What a lovely set. I would love to see the happy couple if they wouldn't mind?
    I think it's great they got together at that age!!!

  3. That is great they are so old and in love! How wonderful!
    Your folder is so pretty...I still look at the folder you made for me! :)
    Oh and all your goodies...WOW! You have been a very lucky girl!

  4. Hi Merry, Wow have you been lucky - great goodies - enjoy!

    Your pictures of the happy couple are delightful and I wish them well. Your idea of the cards is a very thoughtful one and I'm sure will be much appreciated.

    Your post made me smile - your thinking Autumn - we're thinking where are you Summer and Sun! It's very cold here, just the odd bit of warmth to tease you.

    Thanks for your comments in the Cupboard. Hope you are well and that Hubby's back gets better soon.

    Eileen x


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