Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Three For You Cards

I have made these two quick cards using my new Stampin Up 'Three For You' set. The card above I had a lot of fun making. I love adding black lines to create something new. The rectangle of dots on the side is how the vase started out until I attacked it with my black pen. I have raised two of the flowers on 3D foam and added bling to their centres.

This card went from bad to worse to it's okay. Lol. I punched a row of flowers into the top of the card. Then though I would stamp those lovely dotted flowers through the punched flower holes. Not thinking about the remaining card in between each flower that would catch any stray ink on my stamp. So....then I added the row of flowers along the outside. The card still need something so I stamped the wording directly onto the card but of course I smudged it. :-) So now that is all covered up with layers of card. Got there in the end. Have a good day all.
We are off to check out the 'The Boulders' near Babinda today. The day started out beautifully with blue skies but now it is a grey cloud cover. All the water will still be pretty and we will no doubt happen on rain since we are visiting the second wettest town in Australia. Ooops....that is wettest town in Australia.


  1. These are really pretty!!! awesome stamps and great colours!!!

    Love the 3d effect and bling!

  2. Pretty card and I am so jealous of your gorgeous water/boulder travels!

  3. I love these cards. They look awesome. Love your clean lines.


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