Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pencil Case for Craftmad Sewing Swap

Yes, last week I finally dragged out my sewing machine to sew up this pencil case for my partner in the April Sewing Swap over at Craftmad. I enjoyed creating this once I remembered how to sew a zip. :-) Love this material...sadly it is the last of it but a good excuse to shop for some more. This month we are swap a mobile phone case.

I have been busy the last few days. Saturday started with a very successful sausage sizzle to raise funds for Cancer research. Time to unpack and have a cuppa before running my son in to my parents place so he could mow. While us girls headed to the shops so that my daughter could buy me a yummy block of chocolate for Mother's Day. Then it was a race home to make tea have a shower and leave my two at home to wait for their Dad to return from work. While I took our exchange student back into town (20min drive) to watch our local basketball teams that are in the Queensland League. Nana (the student) plays basketball back home in Japan but hasn't had a chance to since being here as we don't seem to have any basketball happening in Gordonvale. So I think she appreciated seeing some games. I really enjoyed it as going to watch the games is something I have never done before and the crowd were very friendly. The cutest bit was at half time and the 6,7,8 yo kids came out. I think they got bigger cheers than the adults. Amazingly, there were a couple of balls going into the basket. I really don't know how the could throw so far.

Sunday Mother's day was very nice and slow. Catching up on blogging and being spoilt by my kids. Watched Twilight the movie but glad I had read the book as wasn't too rapt in the movie. Just settling in to do a bit of crafting and my SIL rings. My brother had taken off on a trip for work that morning leaving her with a 6month old and 4yo and 6yo. She had hurt her arm badly while picking the baby up, was in tears and needed help. So there went my crafting arvo. I headed over and took her to the Medical centre. She has pulled a ligament near the elbow in her right arm....painful and now hard work trying to carry a 6month around.

Monday..... cleaned up around my place a bit and then back in to help and drive SIL and Miss 4yo to swimming lessons. SIL's arm was feeling a little better with some medication. Thankfully my brother arrived back home last night. Yesterday, arvo I was picking my Mum and Dad up from the train station and shuttling them back home. So good to see them after a month down visiting my sister.

Guess what my plan is today........????? Stay at home and not hop in that car until tennis this afternoon. :-)

Take care everyone.


  1. Love the case!! Busy woman! Always makes beautiful things and have time to give kind comments!! Hugs Nilla

  2. What a very pretty case...such lovely fabric! And you have been one busy gal!! Whew! Glad you had a good Mother's Day. I hope your SIL is doing much better...that would be so difficult with three younger children and a hurt arm!

    Take care and relax when you can!

  3. Jinkies! You sounded busy!!!

    Hope you get some time to relax!

    I LOVE this pencils case, great colours!

  4. Ahh a fellow tennis player. Well I say that like I still play! Ha. Love that little case!

  5. This is fabulous Merry,you are so very crafty and can do anything!!! Love the pencil case,you have been very busy the last few days.....I hope things slow down for you!!

  6. Hi dear beautiful ,the colors are fantastic ,sa always beautiful...Hugs Laura

  7. Hi Merry

    It all sounds very hectic in your part of the world, yet you still found time to make a superb pencil case. Clever you.

    B x

  8. Oh you have been busy Merry, gorgeous pencil case, lovely colour. Congratulations to the married couple whom do look extremely happy! Congratulations on all your yummy wins, lots of crafting to be had there. Love your thank you cards, fantastic idea, I have just sent a bundle of my cards to hubbies mum she is always made up with them. Hope you have found some time to wind down, hope your SIL is improving, take careX:)

  9. Love your pencil case. You make such beautiful cards and sew such pretty things.


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