Friday, December 4, 2009

November Craftmad Sewing Swap - One Christmas Ornament

Our November sewing swap over at Craftmad we had to create one Christmas Ornament for the Christmas Tree. Here is the little guy that Annmaree from over at Emu up a Gum Tree sewed for me. Isn't he the cutest. I really like the colours and his little halo and gold wings. Thanks so much Annmaree.

This dove is my swap to Annmaree. I used felt and blanket stitched around all the edges. Then slightly stuffed all the pieces. Finished off with some sparkly beads and sequins for the wings. How lucky was I choosing purple wings as that apparently is Annmaree's favourite colour. :-)


  1. Glad you Like the Angel. I was actually watching John Travolta Michael at the time, Must have been subliminal? teehee!

  2. How much fun and so nice to share. I love them both. Sharon

  3. Both look great! This swap sounds like fun! Did it take you a long time to make the bird?

  4. Hi Merry

    You are two clever girls, the angel and bird are both fabulous.

    B x


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