Sunday, December 20, 2009

My lovely surprises

These are the lovely Flippin Christmas Die Cut Sheets that I received from Jak Heath over at Crafters Kitchen. My plan is to start on cards with these sheets as soon as I finish on here. So fingers crossed I will have something to share tomorrow with you. Thanks again Jak.

These are wonderful papers that I received from Thearica over at Pig Tales & Quilts.

Thearica has also sent me this terrific quilt panel. It is so neatly done and the colours are perfect for our house. Thanks so much Thearica.

I didn't realise until this morning that you can add more than one photo at a time here in blogger. Duh!!! only taken me a year to figure it out. When you go into the photo download section it has written in blue "Add another image" and if you click on that it gives you another thing to click on to choose your second image....then click on "Add another image" and it will give you another choice and more. Wonderful!!!!

Well have a wonderful day everyone. I finally caught up on everyone's blogs last night and there have been such terrific creations. I can't wait to get back into my cards today which have been put on hold with Christmas Card writing and sending, Christmas shopping and computer learning.


  1. You crack me up, a whole year went by before you figured that out. Never fear blogger can get to the best of us. Took me forever to figure out how to move stuff around. Ack!! Thanks for the visit, I am much better and trying to decorate today. Will post tomorrow. Sharon
    Happy holidays!!!

  2. WOW lucky you,everything looks fabulous!!! Looking forward to seeing your new creations!!

  3. Those are all gorgeous, Lucky Chicken!!!

  4. Oh wow, lots of fun for you!!! Lovely quilt block also!
    And I just had a little chuckle that you didn't know how to add more than one photo since you have taught me so much and that is about the one thing I figured out on my own...LOL! There are still many things I do not know how to do on blogger though!! It can be finicky at times!
    Also wanted to say those biscuits (cookies) are a big hit! YUMMY! Thanks so much for sharing that recipe with me!

  5. your new things look lovely have a nice time with them. I didn't realise you could add more than one photo at the same time either - just been and checked and see what you mean -doh, could speed things up for me now.


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