Monday, December 21, 2009

Flippin Christmas - Santa's Found Some Quiet Time

Morning everyone, I so enjoyed reading all your comments this morning they gave me a smile. I think because I gave you a smile re:- the photos. Now this was so easy this morning posting these four photos. I know though that I did give someone a helping hand as they were uploading the same way as me. :-)

This is my second Flippin Christmas card that I created, the first is still waiting for a few extra details to be added. These are so much fun to create and the die cut sheets so easy to pull apart. The only thing that I had difficulty with was the size. These cards are much bigger than I normally create but I can deal with that. I am sending this off to my (school) friend in New Zealand. I am sure she will have a chuckle.

I used some bright green card that I had and cut a square out of the front. Cut a square of acetate and a frame from red paper. The frame is to cover the acetate being stuck on. I then added left over bits of a gold sticker border to the red frame. Stamped around the edges with a holly leaf I bought years ago. Also added part of the background picture that comes with the Flippin Christmas die cut.


  1. OMG That is an awesome card!!!

    Where do you go to buy these? They are so awesome!

  2. Hi Merry, wondered where you were, and now I know - you have been taking time out with Santa. Thanks for your query - I have left an answer on my blog so that others will see.
    Best wishes to you and yours for a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Health New Year. Eileen x

  3. This card just cracks me up!!

    ....hope you got some breakfast in you quickly after seeing all my food posted! :P

  4. oh hahahahaha that is hilarious. Love it. Great card.

  5. ohhhhh it's just FANTASTIC...!!!!!!! GREAT...

    Thanks for all the comments you leave on my blog.. it's allways nice to read you.

    Have a beautiful X'mas..!!! love


  6. Funny, love it!! Hope you will have a wonderful (warm) Christmas! Hugs Nilla on holiday in freezing Sweden!

  7. Very amusing cards Merry, they are really popular int he Uk as well.

    B x

  8. Aaaah, I just love the humour of this Xmas creations ... thanks for putting a smile on my dial.

  9. OMG this is hilarious,what a fabulous card,i have not seen anything like this and I know a few people that would love work Merry!!!

  10. LMAO.. This is a FABULOUS card I love it.. Bec xx

  11. Ooh, Merry, it's flipping cute. this cracks me up. Love all the 3-D details.
    Thanks for all the lovely comments you are always leaving.
    Have a great holiday season and stay safe.


    I am soo... curious about your first flipping card now.

  12. Alright now! This is just too darn cute!


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