Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Craftmad Journal - Hot and Festive

Morning everyone, thought I would share the latest Craftmad Journal. It has some wonderful Christmas ideas in there if you are looking for last minute ones. Even has a featured cardmaker...... ;-) me. Be warned though as it is a big download 13mb. Sorry at this stage can't figure out how to link this image I have used.....will learn though.

Still catching up on things and figuring out our new computer so really not many creations to share with you. Also helped a friend last week and this week create 500 desk top calendars. So that has sort of kept me away from my cardmaking.


  1. Congrats.
    If you want to link a picture in blogger just click on the pic once it is uploaded and do the link like you would do text. At least that is how it works for me anyway.

  2. 500 calendars!! You have been a VERY busy lady!!


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