Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Christmas Cake

Morning everyone, sorry no Flippin Christmas today. My day didn't quite go as planned yesterday although I did achieve a lot. Re: the Flippin Christmas. Sorry I didn't realise that you couldn't actually purchase from La Pashe. But if you go to La Pashe they have a stockist section that list online and offline stockists. Alas....Australia there is no stockist as of yet so you will have to order from the UK as far as I can see. How did I get mine. I was lucky enough to win them from the designer Jak Heath. :-)

My day yesterday. We have an old campervan in the back yard which the kids use for sleep-overs during the school holidays. Well I have been trying to close up and put the campervan down since the October school holidays. So hard to coordinate everyone. Then when I do set a day that it was to be done it would rain. So then I would have to wait for the rain to stop and for the campervan to dry and for everyone to be ready again. Finally, yesterday I thought this is the day. I went in to the campervan to do the last little tidy up and make sure the kids had gotten rid of everything last sleepover. Only to discover that rain had gotten in. We had been thinking everything was shut on it. The top skylight type opening had not been shut down properly and it had about a 10cm x 5ocm gap letting all that rain in that was holding us up collapsing the campervan. Thankfully things weren't too seriously damaged just a lot of airing, washing and drying. Now it is all collapsed and covered with a tarp ready for our wet seasons and cyclones.

Amongst that though I did cook my first ever Christmas Fruit cake and I have to tell you I am very impressed. I just want to eat it now. Will have to wait though as a tradition was started about three years ago where our daughter now (13yo) decorates the cake with the white icing. So I will post a photo when she has done that.

We also made Rocky Road and Russian Caramel. So a very yummy day.


  1. Wow that cake looks good enough to eat off the monitor! Great job for your first! Can't wait to see it decorated. I get out of making one in my house as no one eats it. I will be doing rocky road and our all time fav, white choc & raspberry cheesecake.

    Kylie xo

  2. Oh my, sorry to hear that the campervan got wet, hope it is not damaged,
    That cake looks so scrummy,
    I know what rocky roads are, (I love them) but not sure what the Russian one is,
    Stay warm and dry,

  3. That Cake looks Yummeroonie!!!

    What is Russian Caramel!?

  4. Hi Merry Thanks for the La Pasher info,might check it all out after Christmas now.Love your Chrissy cake,looks so yummy and so professional!!! I make my Christmas cakes every year and it is a family tradition.I also covered mine with white icing and handmade Holly last year,but my husband prefers it plain, he doesn't have the sweet tooth that I forward to seeing your cake decorated!!

  5. It looks yummy! You enjoy it and I wish you a Merry Merry Christmas! Hugs Nilla

  6. Glad no serious damage to the camper...I have left my sunroof open in my car before and what a pain to clean up after!! Your cake looks perfect! Can't wait to see all the icing on it!
    And the Russian caramel sounds good. How is it different from regular caramel?


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