Thursday, December 24, 2009

Flippin Christmas - Cat and lots of other goodies

This is the first Flippin card I created. Just had to wait a little so that the recipient had a chance to receive it. Now I thought I might as well share today and she can see it here if it hasn't arrived in the mail. That was she sort of has it by Christmas. This lovely lady loves cats and blue.....I think I covered that.

I have used blue card for the base card and cut a frame out. I then cut a frame out of a lighter blue card then I put a layer of double sided tape around the frame which I sprinkled with Diamond Dust that I bought from Bizzy Becs. This is such sparkly stuff. Next I stamped with little swirls and dots using Versa Mark and added the wonderful silver snowflake stickers from the Sticker Store. Have a closer look at the background paper and you will spy and mouse sitting on his present from 'Puss'.

Now I want to share some goodies I have made and that the kids have made.

This is a beautiful angel that I received from Mandy over Blue Edge Crafts. Is she so innocent looking. She stands about 30cm tall.

This wonderful collection of chipboard cards on a ring were decorated by Kaye from over at Craftmad. I just love all the different papers and the images are too cute.

Yes, this is my Christmas cake decorated by my very clever 13yo daughter. I left to go food shopping in the morning and she had told me that she would be using cocoa to colour the icing. I thought ewwwww! but didn't say anything. I think it has turned out lovely and a very country look.

My son (15yo) must have been bored yesterday. When I suggested he make coconut ice he didn't think twice. He hasn't been the kitchen for a very long time ...... to cook that is. So this is our very Christmas Coconut Ice.

Lastly, thought I would share our Russian Caramel recipe. Not sure if it is different to normal caramel but it does taste yummy. This recipe is to cook in the microwave but we just put all the ingredients into a saucepan and cooked on the stove over a very gentle heat for about 20mins. As you stir you will notice small darker pieces emerging....keep stirring the entire time until light golden brown.

Russian Caramel

125g butter
25og sugar
6 drops vanilla
2 tablespoons Golden Syrup (Stacie I would probably use Corn Syrup)
1 tin condensed milk


Place butter, sugar, golden syrup and milk into a large bowl, place in microwave for 3 minutes, remove and stir well, return to the microwave for 3 minutes repeating as before. You will need to do 3 x 3 minutes (if not golden colour add 2 minutes extra).

Remove after last 3 minutes and stir until mixture appears to be thickening. Pour into a lightly sprayed dish. Leave to cool, cut into squares,then leave to get really firm.


  1. wow what a clever family you are - that cake looks gorgeous and the coconut ice is very festive looking.

  2. Love your card it is fabulous,I need to look into these!!! Your children are so very clever,Christmas is going to be extra special with the beautiful and yummy looking goodies they made!! Love your sweet pressie as well.Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year to you all!!

  3. Oh My What a lovely treat to see all of these goodies,
    Will try the Russian caramel,
    Thanks for sharing,
    You son and daughter have done very well with their culinary skills,
    Wish you was closer lol
    Happy Christmas to you all

  4. That cat card is really cute, Merry. Your cake looks delicious! Thanks for visiting my blog, and a Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  5. Oh wow my dear Merry,all your blog is beautiful.only to whish merry chritsmas and a happy new year with all my hard ....Laura

  6. That all just looks to die for!!!

    How creative your kids are, that cake is so impressive and professional looking, and I LOVE the red and green christmas coconut ice!

    *drools* teehee. ENJOY your Christmas!

  7. Your daughter has outdone herself on icing that cake! Great job!!

  8. Everything looks wonderful! The goodies are just beautiful and so is that cake...very talented daughter!!!
    Now I have to ask...what is coconut ice?
    And thanks for the corn syrup tip!
    LOL! :)

  9. wow wow wow. All gorgeous but gotta love that cat card. Oh and the coconut ice looks great in those colours.

    Have a safe and happy day.

  10. I LOVE my cat card, its going to come out again next year along with all the cross stitched ones my sister makes me. Thank you so much, Merry, you sure are one very talented and creative lady :)


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