Sunday, June 21, 2009

My first ever Waterfall Card

Warning there are lots of photos. Sorry about the blur on each of the photos I have since cleaned my lens. I had a fun time creating this card for a friend who loves horses and was turning 50. I thought I was so clever when I had finished I even showed the dog. lol. I used the instructions for Card Inspirations here. I have since made another one which I will try and photograph today.

My 13yo daughter like the looks of the card and just had to have a try. So here is her card to her Nanna for her 70th birthday later this month. Why Angry and Sad got a mention I am not sure. :-)


  1. Beautiful card,Love the images and your daughter also did a fantastic job!!! Haven't tried one of these yet!

  2. Hi there
    Awww love the images and such a great waterfall card ...

    thanks for stopping by my blog


  3. Both are great!! It has so many possibilities.


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