Thursday, June 4, 2009

3D Paper Tole Decoupage

Thought I would share some more Decoupage/3D Paper Tole that has been happening in my place. I must admit I am only into the basic paper tole with nice easy shapes to cut out and no intricate details. Mandy at Blue Edge Crafts sent me the sheets below and I passed them on to my Mother who loves decoupage and has the patience to cut out such detail. Even down to the shoelaces on the soccer boots....just amazing! Mum has then used an embossing tool and embossed different details into the flower pictures e.g. veins on leaves. Each layer is then put together with silicon glue. Mum finds that this gives more dimension as you can have a big or small amount of glue rather than the regular effect that 3D foam tape gives. I had the privilege of adding these wonderful pieces to cards the easy bit. Hope you enjoy them and if you are wanting to have a try....check Blue Edge Crafts out. Mandy has a huge range and has just listed Pyramid Paper Tole sheets which I think are more my will have a go at them real soon I hope.


  1. They are all fantastic!!!I love paper tole,but I don't do too many as I am not fussed on the


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