Monday, April 7, 2014

Rhapsody of the Seas - Day 1

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Time for some photos of our cruise to the South Pacific on Rhapsody of the Seas (Royal Carribean).  A great cruise and would highly recommend.  We left from Sydney so this meant a very early flight from Cairns which our daughter didn't for some reason seem too impressed about as she was our chauffeur. :-)  We arrived to the ship around 11ish and checked in then it was time to check out the ship.  Here I go for my first lap around the top deck and checking out the amazing Sydney skyline….the day was just perfect.

I have made it to the other side.

Time for a little bit of lunch in the Windjammer (buffet style)

1pm we were able to find our rooms and unpack……I made myself at home quite easily. :-)
I am laying here checking out the I Pad that was part of our room so that you could constantly keep track of our account.  Yes, the view out the window is still Sydney.

This is the Centrum area where everyone was buying their drink packages and probably looking at shore excursions.  My very organised husband had that all under control and booked it all online.  So we could just keep wandering.

This is the Jamaican band in the pool area…..I enjoyed listening to their music many a night and as we left some of the ports.

Near the Lifts on each level was one of these to help you find exactly where you were on the ship.

This was also next to the lifts and it was a touch screen so that you could find where you were on that level.  Find out what was on during in the day and then click on a button to find out how to get there.  This also listed menus so you could think about what food you wanted for your next meal. :-)

The view of the Sydney Opera House as we had lunch.

Food ready to be loaded.

Sydney Opera House and one of the many ferries.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Wonderful ship coming in with Park Hyatt in the background.

The back right corner of this building on the first floor is where I worked for a little while many years ago.  Yes, I enjoyed my time when working there.

Back to the ship, this is the Solarium area where no kids are allowed.  The roof section opens.

My hubby being sentimental…..

Thought this was a great shot that I had to share…love the reflection.

Peter Doyles is one of the flash restaurants at Circular Quay…..probably not what these people expected when they booked in.  That a cruise liner would block most of their view and that they would have onlookers as they ate their lobster….table on right.

Luna Park

People walking across the top of the Sydney Harbour bridge….there were four groups that we could see.  In this photo only two groups - one to the left of the first flag and the other at the base of the second flag.  

Sydney Opera house as we left the harbour.

Sydney Harbour Bridge as we left for our cruise.

The Navy had organised a touch and go exercise with the ship as it left the harbour.

Our first day at sea.

I will be back with more photos. 

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  1. Oh wow, Wendy, it looks like a wonderful cruise ship, brilliant photos too. You have to add more :)

  2. WOW!!! Fabulous photos Merry..Loz

  3. Wau, varmasti ihana risteily. Kauniita kuvia tutuista maisemista ♥

  4. Fabulous photo's. Glad you had such a lovely time.

  5. Looking forward to seeing and hearing more about your trip. You make a great team with the photos and commentary.

  6. Goreous pictures looks like a amazing trip!

  7. Oh wow makes you feel as though your there yourself simply gorgeous and thanks for sharing them xx

  8. Wonderful photos Wendy Thanks for sharing.

  9. Hope you have a great cruise - we were in Sydney and saw your boats in the harbour - we were staying at the Marriott hotel at Circular Key so could see the boat from our hotel window - have a wonderful time best wishes Lesley x


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