Monday, April 14, 2014

Baby Boy

Firstly, thank you all for your kind comments yesterday, really appreciated. :-)

Today, I would like to share one of the cards I completed while waiting for the cyclone….I had a lovely card making day with five cards completed that I will slowly share with you.  I have had this card front with pre-pricked 'Baby' pattern (from Blue Edge Crafts) for a little bit.  I had gathered a couple together and took them on our cruise because I thought there may a couple of quiet moments to fill.  So stitched on the cruise and layered up on the weekend.  Sorry, the photo is a little blurry, it's just the photographer needs to improve.

Yes, I finally got to put into action the photo tent I received as a birthday gift.  This is our dog just making sure it all okay.  I just love how it all folds down into a carry case.  When I first went to use it one of the lights did not work….I tried different power sockets.  Sent and email off to the seller and they said they would send a voucher for a new bulb.  'Bulb'……duh…. I didn't even think to check the bulb.  So I was all set to swap the bulbs over to check if it was the bulb that was the problem to discover that the bulb in the light that was not working properly was just not inserted properly……easy fix.  :-)  

Be back soon…..have a fun day.


  1. Gorgeous stitching on the card Merry. I am interested to see how your photos turn out. I purchased the same light box set and the photos turn out yellow and are very blurry..loz

  2. Wow!! Lovely card the stiching.. :)

  3. Glad that you survived the cyclone.
    I wouldn't now be without the lightbox I made.
    Hugs Mrs A.

  4. Fab card and great tent Merry they are so good x

  5. Just adore your baby card with the embroidery and that light box is just so handy, enjoy it.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  6. Lovely stitching on your card. Fab tent too - very professional!


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