Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Port Vila - Rhapsody of the Seas Cruise

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Our next stop was Port Vila which is the capital of Vanuatu.  Thanks to Wikipedia again…more info here -

When my Dad saw this photo he said it reminded him of New Guinea…..a lot of years since he has been there.

As you can see it is another beautiful day….well for people that live in the tropics it was a beautiful day.  There were the tropical showers that would come over for a minute and then be gone which meant it was a very humid day even the locals were saying it was hot.

Hubby had booked a shore excursion here and here is me after the event.  If you look closer but not too close, don't want to scare you but my face, neck shirt etc is covered in dust and mud.  We went on a buggy drive through some of the back hills and roads of Port Vila.  Had a great view of the ship at one point but can't seem to find that photo.

This couple were behind us and she ended up dirtier than me….I must have given hubby more of an evil eye when we got near puddles. :-)  Can you believe this couple were from Cairns too.

Here are the buggies, don't tell hubby but it was a great time.  I am disappointed I didn't take over the driving like most the other females did at the half way point but I knew hubby was having such fun.

After the buggy ride we returned to the ship showered and then walked through the markets set up near the ship.  Once again we didn't buy anything as it all the same as home.  So we decided to catch a Water Taxi to town.  What a lovely way to travel…the water is so clear.  This guy was happy and chatty and is in his second year studying law so he can become a police officer.

Some different styles of transport here.

It was Saturday and market day.

Not sure if it has a name but that is a small island in the port area with what looks like a very nice motel on it.  In the distance you can see our ship….our view from where we stopped for lunch.

 Yes, I managed to grab the camera for a second and got this great shot of the photographer - hubby. :-)

A paw-paw tree we spied on the way back to the ship.  It was at least 15m tall and was all twisted.  

Looking back over to where we had lunch in Vila from the ship.

I just like this photo.  These are actually huge rocks right next to the wharf where the ship is tied up.  The water is so clear they look like pebbles.

A bit of window cleaning.

The markets set up near the ship and where we caught the Water Taxi from.

My memory of Port Vila would have to be how happy these people were.  Wherever you saw a group of locals they were smiling, laughing or having a joke.

This is as we were leaving and I wish I had videoed this so you could hear the kids laughing while they played as we passed this place.  Couldn't see them but they sounded like they were having a wonderful time.  This would have been my favourite departure as the kids laughter drowned out I listened to the Jamaican band that was playing on the top deck while we sat on our balcony and watched this lovely scenery roll by.  :-)

Squint really hard…..there are windmills on the hills.

The sunset.

Thanks for visiting again and leaving such lovely comments.  I am glad you are enjoying all the wonderful photos that hubby took….I think they are so good I have to share and not leave them hidden on the computer.


  1. Great foto's Merry!
    What a nice time..

    For me it's another world ;o)
    Many greetings

  2. Nice photos, Merry. It looks like you had a great time!

  3. More great photos - glad you enjoyed the buggy ride - enjoy your wonderful holiday love hearing about the different Pacific Is your visiting best wishes Lesley x


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