Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bit Windy and Wet

I think we are in for a wet day today.  Yesterday was a bit hair raising with a Cat 5 cyclone headed in north of us.  Thankfully it was downgraded to a Cat 4 not that is much better.  

I hope that where it crossed there has not been too much damage and no-one injured.  

By the end of last night it was a little of an anti-climax for us as my daughter and I had spent a bit of the morning moving everything loose to our shed so it didn't get blown around. (Just so you know…..I am much happier with the anti-climax than what it could have been, although we still have today to get through).  I bought the last few things like fuel for the mower which we use to pull a trailer around to clean up afterwards and aeroguard as the mozzies were already bad.   Last night we had a bit of gusty wind and heavy sporadic rain.  I actually slept very well.    It is windier today and the rain is much more set in but nothing to worry about.  So shall be interested to see what the day brings  but going by this map….the cyclone should have almost peeted out by the time it reaches us just south of Cairns.  We will just be wet and our freezer will be cleared out as I didn't buy anything for there as the power always goes off.  So just eating what we have.  If nothing else I should get  at least one card made as we really can't do anything. :-)

Have a good weekend.


  1. It may have been an anti - climax but it's better to do everything you can to prepare for the worst. TV reports are saying not too much damage but I think it's a bit too early to know the real cost.

    happy crafting

  2. Merry stay safe I will be thinking of you Kevin xx

  3. Have my fingers crossed for you Merry. That looks close. Keep us posted.

  4. Hi there .I have been following news because of Michelle of course so I know how much work you all put into try to minimise damage .I hope cyclone passes quickly and you all can breathe easier . stay safe
    hugs Shirley-Anne

  5. Glad you are safe - I was sending positive thoughts!


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