Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sympathy Owl Card

My mum's cousin passed away the week before last.  I made this Sympathy card to send to her family.  Her name was Joy, a red head full of fun and stories.  She will be sadly missed.  Where Joy lived she often had birds visit and land on the railings of her front verandah.  So when I saw this lovely owl I thought of her.

Mum has two brothers so Joy was like the sister she never had. 
One time when we had a lot of family over and hubby was taking all the kids for ride in the small trailer towed behind the ride on mower.  Well, Joy could not resist and had a ride.  So up the small hill they went and when they returned into view there was Joy with a big smile on her face and her teeth in her hands. lol Yep, her falsey's fell out when hitting a bump.

Well take care and catch you all tomorrow.


  1. Such a lovely card and the owl what a lovely thought to use this knowing your mums friend would love this xx

  2. A sad time but good to know you have such fond memories .

  3. Such a touching post and what an apt card for such a person. The owl stamp is so detailed almost like a photograph. You made me smile reading about Joy's false teeth. Hope your mum has taken it in her stride.

  4. Lovely owl card, and fond memories xoxo

  5. Sorry for your loss. Your card is beautiful. :)

  6. Owls have a very peaceful air to them Merry and I thin this is a perfect idea for a difficult card.

    B x

  7. So sorry to hear about the passing of your Mum's cousin. Loved the story: Joy sounds like a very fun lady. Your card is so beautiful Merry and has such a peaceful feeling about it.

    Jocelyn x

  8. Perfect tones for a sympathy card Merry. I am sure the family appreciated your thoughts.


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