Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Artwork and a Goanna

Proud Mum moment. :-)

The above work was an art assignment at the beginning of 2013 which ended up being exhibited with other students in a School Art Exhibit in Cairns. 

The last art assignment our daughter had to do was to go back and pick a previous piece they had done. Our daughter has combined both pieces onto the one small canvas.  She gave my Copics and Kindy Glitz a real work out, dwindled my bling supplies and decided to go with a more of an Anime image this time.  This piece now has pride of place in our lounge room on the TV cabinet.

Around the edges she has attached a broken mirror. I think this was the favourite part of her work as she enjoyed breaking the mirror to pieces.  She has left half original mirror and the other half coloured with Copics to match the artwork.

A couple more photos hubby took last weekend.  This Goanna approx 1m long was casually strolling across our backyard near the clothes line then up a nearby hill.  Not something we see everyday but I would say we do see one close to the house each year.

Aren't the colours lovely.
Remember to click on the photos for a larger view.

Have a great day.

Oh, thanks for your lovely comments yesterday concerning my last Unstampabelles challenge.  I am not planning on leaving blogland or crafting just can't say how consistent I will be in 2014. :-)


  1. great artworks :) and great pics of the goanna :)

  2. Fabulous artwork Merry Your daughter is very talented.. Love the Goanna..loz

  3. Its fantastic and the too loved the mirror idea !

  4. Back to the C&P I am afraid but wanted to pop in any take a peek at your latest make and say hello.

    B x

  5. Wow, what a proud mum... she is sooooo talented. The mirrors at the bottom look so cool - perfectly matching with all the vibrant colours on the artwork. Just BRILLIANT.
    That iguana, one metre long and what lovely colours, I agree.
    Hope Unstampabelles will go on.

  6. Love your daughters artwork! I think its so awesome with the contrast of sides one in black and white and the other in colour! My arty side could go on about how it can represent the two sides of us all and all that jazz, but I won't faff on! hehehe

    Loving the Goanna pics too! He was obviously on a mission!

  7. She's very talented, like her mom!

  8. Your daughter's artwork is absolutely beautiful. Please tell her that I think she has heaps of talent and I love how creative she was with colouring the mirror bits with copics - plus I love all the glitteriness and how half of the artwork is coloured and the other left black and white. I can't wait to see more of your daughter's artwork Merry :-D

    How wonderful to have a goanna in your yard - love the photos! We have alot of small lizards and a blue tongue lizard has taken up residence in our backyard. He scared me to death the other day as I was hanging the washing out and I saw his head and thought it was a tiger snake (we get alot of snakes here) and he was only about a foot away from me and wasn't the least bit fussed about me being there.

    Jocelyn x

  9. wow-fab artwork, your daughter is very talented.


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