Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Snowflake Wreath Cards

As well as using my Christmas stash up this year I decided I would copy some cards from friends blogs that I admired.  Gail has been posting a variety of Christmas Trees which I just loved and went over to see which one I would try.  But saw a lovely snowflake wreath and got sidetracked.  You can see Gail's here in blue and white, so pretty.

I found some Bazzill Card stock for the base cards.  Dug out my paper punches that have not been used since forever.  Punched enough gold (two shades) paper for two layers of snowflakes on the wreath and then added a layer of gold stars. Pearl bling for the snowflake centres and then found some charms and brads to which I attached a little gold thread to hang in the centre of the wreath.  Finished with a gold sentiment sticker.

The maroon strip across the top of this card fixed a silly mistake I made.  Yes, I made the whole card front upside down.  So I just cut the folded section off then attached this small folded section of maroon to the top of the card…..all working correctly now.

This is my favourite of the wreaths….just love the shape and size of the heart.

Only 2 more sleeps….so exciting.

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  1. Pretty -I love the heart charm.Just deciding if I should do some sewing or knitting over the holidays - I need a break from card making.

    Have a great Christmas and New Year.

  2. These are very pretty and a great way to use up those little snippets of paper!

  3. Pretty! Well, I caved in and joined Pinterest. Look me up if you are there sometime. My direct link is on my blog! Thank you for coming to visit and leaving your Christmas wishes on both my craft blog and my gratitude journal. May you have a beautiful season too! Blessings! What are you going to do for Christmas?

  4. Very pretty card! So festive!
    Hope you have a blessed and wonderful Christmas with your family!!
    Merry Christmas!!

  5. What a brilliant idea - all I have to do is remember this idea for next year - I shall certainly make some of these - hope you are all ready for Christmas? have a wonderful day Xmas day best wishes Lesley x

  6. The last one is my favorite too, but they are all beautiful. Love how you used 2 colors of gold for the snowflakes, really beautiful! Merry Christmas! ~Diane

  7. All such beautiful and elegant cards Merry - love them all!

    Jocelyn x


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