Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Scratchie Holder Card Tutorial (Lottery Tickets with silver scratch panels)

Edit:  I have seen a lot of searches visit this post searching for Embossing Foil.  In this post I use household alfoil but also have in my stash Embossing Foil which I purchased from Blue Edge Crafts.  You can find it here and here.
Hi everyone, Here is my tutorial for the Scratchie Holder Card.
I started with a piece of Stampin Up (SU) Not Quite Navy 210mm x 148mm and folded it in half for the base card.  Put this aside until later.  

Next I cut a piece of A4 SU Riding Hood Red 297mm x 144mm.
I then found the centre and embossed a fold line 5cm each side of the the centre of the card.

To create the pockets I started with the left side of the red panel and measured 3cm down the side of the card.  Then cut from this mark to the fold at the top edge of the card.

Repeated this on the right hand panel expect I cut from 6cm down the side of the panel to the fold line at the top of the card.  Don't throw away this offcut as this is the third pocket.

This is my four layers of alfoil embossed with my SU Lattice embossing folder.

Next I cut and attached the patterned papers to the front of the card.  To cut the paper I laid the paper patterned side down covering the front of the card and then drew a cutting line against the angle cut on the card.
Left side.

Right Side

The finished cut piece for the right side.....notice that you can get away with using a scrap piece of paper here as it does not have to go the entire length as the right side folds over to cover this pocket.

To make up the pockets just use double sided tape.  I have used my thinnest tape this time round to fit the Scratchies in easier.  Starting with the left hand panel place tape on the bottom and left hand side, fold over and stick down.  Repeat on the right hand panel.   Tape down right hand side and across the bottom.

Now to create the third pocket.  Using the cut off piece from the right hand panel (6cm) cover with patterned paper or just embossed.  Then attach to the front of your card.

A close up of my use of the alfoil, bottle top from off the road.  I did run this, carefully, through my cuttlebug to flatten it just a little more than it was.   I used the white plate, placed the lid with the flat side to the white board, a small cuttlebug cutting die was then placed on top of the lid with the flat metal back of the die on top of the jutted edge of the lid.  Then my 'C' plate. I did start with my 'B' plate but it just wasn't enough.

Also showing off my paper beads.  Such fun to do ... I attached them with a piece of silver wire.

The finished card without the Scratchies.

Here is the first Scratchie Card Holder I made.

And what it would like filled with Scratchies.  By the way it was a hit.


  1. Nice job Merry! I wanted to let you know I love your blog and appreciate the inspiration you always give. I also appreciate all the comments you leave for me on my blog. Therefore I want to present you with a Liebster Blog Award. Congrats!! You can read about it here: Please "appreciate-it-forward".

  2. Fantastic tutorial Merry..Loz

  3. thats a cool idae, I love it!

    awesome embossing!

  4. fabulous creations! i adore the additional of the paper beads...AWESOME!!!! thanks for sharing with us all...sending hugs...

  5. Thanks for the tutorial and so glad the cards were a hit!

  6. Hi Merry but what are scratches? It looks a good idea though. I've left something on my blog for you best wishes Lesley x

  7. Beautiful!!
    Clever and so creative!!
    Love the paper beads!!

  8. Wow this card looks great! Thanks for the wonderful tutorial!
    Have a nice week
    Best wishes Mona

  9. Brilliant! Thanks so much for sharing! Ruth :)

  10. Brilliant card and tutorial Merry thank you so much for sharing this with us.
    Lorraine x


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