Monday, February 20, 2012

Labelled my Copics

Hey everyone, thanks to those who have been leaving such lovely comments.  My arm is getting better and I hope to do a little more computer time this week.  It's just the muscle in between my wrist and elbow that is strained. I have discovered that I am really right handed.  Every thing I want to do involves the used of my right hand and I am hopeless trying with my left.

Thought I would share this little project that kept me busy.  Thanks to my wonderful friend Helen who shared this idea and also tracked down the CD rack for me.  An item that is dying out fast we have discovered.  Due to people buying their music online and possibly furniture already having built in CD racks.
I really liked this idea of adding the Copic pen number to the ends of my pens to make them easier to find.   So I printed all the numbers on paper in Helvetica font size 7.  Then I used my hole punch to punch all the numbers out.  I did find that if I punched out the numbers with a double layer of the paper the edges didn't fray.

Next I grabbed my Dimensional Magic and added a daub to each lid before attaching the number.

The finished product.
The reason for me finding the CD rack was because I had too many pens to fit in my pencil case.  I felt like I owned a lot of Copics.  Now I look at them here I really feel I need to add more to my collection. :-)
Oh the shelving are the bottom half of empty CD cases.  Just the cheap clear thin ones you can buy.

Well have a lovely day.  Bit showery here.  Have a feeling the sun will be out to suck up all that rain and heat things up soon.  Humidity!


  1. What a great idea now you know what colours are where and it does make it a lot easier well done :)Sandra H

  2. Now that's a great way to organize those copics.
    I had trouble with the muscles in my arm to and I found Arnica Gel to help a great deal. It is clear colored dries quickly and comes from the Arnica plant. You might give it a try. I find it at health food stores. Just a thought. I am always overdoing and straining. LOL

  3. Great idea using a CD rack - very organised. Hope your arm mends quickly before you become a lefty ... ha ha ha

  4. hi merry, hope your arm gets better soon...i have joined the blog land after a short break so catching up on everyone's work...i really like the way you have labelled the copics it so handy...nice idea about the CD rack...thanks for sharing!!

  5. Tosi hieno idea tuo cd teline tusseille:)

  6. looking good! glad your arm is feeling better!

  7. Relieved that your arm is getting better...

    What a clever way to store and mark your Copics. Thanks for sharing.

    Monica xxx

  8. Hi Merry, the story with you arm does not sounds good- I hope you muscle wil recover soon ! ! !
    Thank you for this great idea with the CD-rack.I do not hve copics but i think about to use it with my pencils and scetchmarkers.

    Have a wonderful day

  9. Hi

    This is a fantastic idea!! I need to do this with my collection.

    Hope you are feeling better soon Merry, it must be terribly frustrating.

    Michelle :o)

  10. Fantastic idea Merry. Wish I was that organised.. Hope your arm gets better soon..Loz

  11. Great idea to use the rack. This reminds me of the storage I bought for my cdroms, it's now full and I need to buy more!

  12. Oh, wonderful storage idea! I will now be on the lookout for a cd stand! Hope you are feeling better!

  13. Great storage idea Merry ;-)
    hope the arm gets better real soon!

  14. What a great idea, hope your arm is getting better - don't do too much!

    Please stop by my blog here
    I have left something there for you and I do hope that you will accept it! Jane xxx

  15. What ana amazing idea to use a cd case for the storage!!
    WTG, on marking the copics!!
    You are so roganized!!
    Hope you are having a wonderful week!!

  16. ..oh what happened, Merry?
    Your arm makes you grief ?
    Hope you are feeling better,Merry..

    Many hugs from me to you ;o)

    The idea is really great,
    I've done this 2 years ago
    one finds exactly the color that he is looking for..

    I hope you can read Swaani's English ;o)
    Timm, my son always smile about my english ;o)

    Many thanks from all your wonderful and so lovely comments..
    Hug you again..

    Many greetings and hugs
    from your Swaani ;o)

  17. Great storage idea! Hope your muscles feel better soon....I think you rubbed off on me because my right hand started hurting yesterday. :(

  18. cd rack for markers! how brilliant is that!

  19. What a clever idea - a fab way to store your markers. Hope your arm is now greatly improved!


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