Saturday, February 4, 2012


Did you know that you can find if someone has pinned something from your blog on Pinterest? I didn't until this morning and I was over at Ricochet and Away.....fantastic (sewing) blog.  I just had to have a try and my search came up with four of my creations pinned on pinterest and whats more one of those....was then repinned three times.  So cool!

So all you have to do is: 
type this URL into your browser: BLOGS'S URL/

Mine is:

Note: that I have removed the .au as an error showed when that was included.

Have fun.


  1. WOW.. Thanks Merry.. Ifound one of my cards on Pininterest..Loz

  2. Wow, thanks for the great tip Merry! I found a few of my things pinned there.

    Michelle :o)

  3. Ohhh, I had wondered how to do this - thanks for letting us know Merry. How cool to have some of your work up there - congratulations!!


  4. I found my honeybee bulletin board on Pinterest this morning. Interesting! How you bee? :)

  5. Now that was fun. I had a calendar there. All your cards should be there Merry!!!

  6. I know isnt that amazing!!
    I'm not on that site yet but will be in a couple weeks!!
    Hope you are doing well!

  7. that is so cool isn't it! it is always great to see what people enjoyed!!! thanks for sharing...sending hugs...your newest follower : )

  8. Just checked mine and I had three pins also! Thanks for sharing!!

  9. Merry sharing a neat trick I found on Pinterest: It lets you add Pin it buttons to your blog posts so that anyone dropping in can simply click it and pin your photos!


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