Friday, February 10, 2012

No Cards

Hi everyone, no card or creation from me today.  To busy food shopping ect. yesterday.
Instead I thought I would share a photo of this tree in our yard.  All that cream/light green is actually new foliage not flowers.  It is just stunning and I have not seen it so full of new growth before.  I am not sure what type of tree it is but after image googling I think it belongs to the Brownea family.  It does get flower but mustn't be anything to wonderful as I can't remember what it is like.  If anyone is any the wiser or has a suggestion I would love to hear.

After taking the other photo I had to go find my dog who went for a wander up the backyard.  Which where I spied the last of the Poinciana Tree.  We had one of these in our yard when I was growing up and it was such a fun tree to climb.  Normally they flower around Christmas time which is so apt with the colours.  Ours is always later, although it is a tall tree it is shaded by our neighbours even taller Rain   Tree.

Well that is me for this week.  I hope to get around and catch up with everyones blogs this weekend.  Although I may be a little slow doing that.  My right arm has seized up and I had a Bowen Treatment yesterday. I can use it but it hurts when lifting things.  My natropath  said 'to be kind to my body' and give it some rest.  I think all the work with the bamboo started this, then work I do at the bindery gluing and pressing and then to top it off the tennis the last two Tuesdays.  For some reason my husband keeps saying its a lot to do with all the time I spend on the computer.  :-)  Now how would that effect my arm. lol.  Sadly, I have to admit I don't think my computer time is helping it either.  So will have to rest it up for the next couple of days.

Take care and thanks for stopping by and leaving your lovely comments.


  1. Sorry to hear about your arm, hope it improves quickly with a bit of rest. Your pics of your garden are stunning, Just gorgeous colours in the foliage and flowers.

  2. Beautiful photos Merry, gorgeous colours! So hope your arm improves after resting. Must be very frustrating as you are always busy with something lol! Hope you have a leisurely weekend. Take careX:)

  3. Oh wow, you are blessed with such a beautiful garden. Hope that arm gets better soon ... resting it, is probably the only thing that will help.

  4. such love;y trees and your photo's are fab best wishes Lesley x

  5. What a gorgeous tree!! Love the burgundy flowers!!
    Hope your arm feels better!!
    Hope you have a restful weekend!!

  6. Hi, Merry! Just wanted to stop by and thank you for your nice comment on my "Make A Wish" card! I am sorry to see that you were having some physical challenges. I pray for a speedy and complete recovery.
    I love you blog...your work is really wonderful! I have a new place to visit for inspiration. I am following you now!

  7. Great pictures!! Be sure to rest up that arm!

  8. oh wow pretty tree's! loving the second flowers they totally look like butterflies!!!

    Take it easy with your arm hun!

  9. Sorry to hear about your arm, take care.

  10. Hope your arm improves really soon Merry


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