Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Holiday Photos -Yungaburra and Atherton Tablelands

Hi everyone, I have a few photos to share.  Last week the family and I headed up to Yungaburra which is only a 20 minute drive from our place up a very windy Gillies Range.  Last week was the first week of   school holidays (two week break) and when booking weather had been magical.  Guess what!  We headed off Monday morning and the rain had set in. :-(  Still postive thinking it will only last the morning.  No it lasted our entire stay and was still even showery yesterday.
We took our boat with us as we have not used it in a very long time.  With plans to be out in it most days.   This did not happen but we did venture out as soon as we arrived even though it was cold, wet and windy.   We still had a good time checking out the whole of the (Tinaroo) dam and view I have not seen before.  Stopped and had hot dogs for lunch.  The photo above is our son enjoying the dry, warm journey back to shore.

A view from the boat.....as you can see this is dark and gloomy and taken about 1.30pm

This is where we stayed for the week.  'The Lodge' at Yungaburra.  We did go upmarket on this as the last few holidays the kids have had to share a room and in even a bed.  So this time we were being nice to them and giving them a room each.  Thankfully this place had a wood fire.....a novelty that kept us warm at night time.  Too warm sometimes.

Another novelty for us....

We drank many a coffee.

'The Lodge' had a jar of chocolates there for us.......they were all devoured on the first night. :-)


Tuesday we did some sightseeing.  Firstly, we visited the Tolga Woodworks.  Amazing what those craftsmen can do with wood.  Then we headed over to Mt Uncle Distillery where hubby and I did a bit of liqueur tasting.  Tasted and bought Mulberry liqueur also tasted Limecello and Marshmallow liquer.

This llama was at the exit of the distillery.

And so was this one......well we are assuming they are llamas.

Next stop was the Crystal Caves in Atherton.   This shop has created a cave underneath their shop.  You go through with your helmet on and look at 108 embedded beautiful stones and crystals from around the world.  Yes, I am sure there was 108 as our daughter took a photo of everyone of them. :-)
Isn't this orb amazing....looks like the moon.  

One of the many photos.

Some fossils they have on display.

Me standing next to a huge Amethyst geode.  After this stop we visited Gallo Cheese and Chocolate factory.  Yum....yes, we bought cheese and chocolate.  

We didn't take many photos here but this sign was in the shop and I had to share.

Wednesday we headed to Herberton Village Museum.....a brilliant place that is set up with houses in a small township.  Each building holds items relevant to the building.  Eg. school, grocery store.   We had a wonderful time....although the rain was still happening.   We spent a lovely three hours wandering around.  Hubby and I astounded that so much we have come in contact with could be in a museum already. :-)

On the way back to 'The Lodge' we visit the Hypipamee Crater.  The green is duck weed on the water

Me next to this huge Amythest geode.

Thursday....we sat around and watched TV and at the end of the day did a walk along the Peterson Creek track to see if we could spy a platypus.   No such luck...they were staying where it was warm I think.

Friday we packed up and were home by 10.30am.


  1. Shame about the weather but it looks like you still fitted plenty in!!

    Awesome photos - I really did think the orb was a pic of the moon until you said what it was!

    Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed reading about your holiday and seeing all the pics :o)

  2. wonderful photos, Merry! thanks for sharing!

  3. OH WOW this is all very cool! Thanks for sharing!

    Those Llamas look too cute!!!

    The caves are amazing, with the fossils!!!!

    WOW That amethyst looks like a starry night!!!

    The Crater is incredibly cool too, very amazing to see!!!

    Glad you had a great time even tho you couldn't go boating as much as you'd like!

  4. Such a lovely place!. Thank you for the photos.


  5. OH WOW your photos are amazing!!! Sounds like you still had a great time,even though the weather was bad!!

  6. TYFS - it all looks wonderful. I love that amethyst geode.

  7. Sorry to hear the weather wasn't all that great for your trip but it still sounds like everyone was able to have a good time!

    What is inside those chocolates? Never seen anything like that before!!

    Love the pics of the cave with crystals! How fun...I love caves!

    LMAO at the teenager sign! :P

    Thanks for sharing all your pics!

  8. What a wonderful adventure, love the photos and wish I could see some of those things in real life. Have to say the thing that stays with me the most is that sign about the teenagers - that is so so on the money!!! lol


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