Wednesday, July 20, 2011

12" x 12" Paper Holder

Hi everyone, it is such a beautiful day here in Gordonvale today.  Yesterday, I started on some curtain and wall washing as the sun is a shining.  Today, I have already hung out some more curtains and taken the dog for a walk as it is so lovely to be outside in the cool air.  I have also finally got to removing some tape that we put up on a couple of windows for Cyclone Yasi back in February and forgot to remove.  Oops!  Missed some.  Only problem at the time we had no masking tape so used the thick clear packaging tape....of course with all the sun on it the stickness had dried on to the window.  So this morning I had the paint scraper out and now it is all gone.   The windows are so clean they don't even look like they are there.  Love it.

I must have a bit of a cleaning bug at the moment.....I am sure it won't last long. Last Friday, my craft desk (see above) got the better of me.  I have just been collecting craft gear and never have a chance to put it away properly.  Got to a stage that I couldn't craft as I just had no room.  My main problem was all the 12" x 12" paper I have collected over the last 6 months.  Normally I stick to A4 sheets but have enjoyed having bigger pieces available for boxes and so forth.

Since I wanted instant storage on Friday and didn't feel like a drive to the shops I decided to make my own.   I grabbed the pizza boxes that my paper orders have been arriving in and recycled.

I cut the front and back of the pizza box to become the side panels of my holder.  Then I cut a strip of cardboard that was the length of 2 1/2 sides of the side panels and about 10cm wide.  I then attached the side panes to this middle strip with masking tape both inside and out to give strength.

Taping up the back section of the holder.   I did have to attach a little extra cardboard to my original strip as what I had was just not long enough.

Next I cut the sides down on an angle to make the paper more accessible.  The piece I cut from the first side I flipped over and used for a template on the second side so they were both the same.

Tadah!, one 12" x 12" paper holder.  Not so pretty at this stage.

Now I have prettied it all up.  Last year I bought some Peel n Stick Fabric (Delta) at the time planning to use to cover books.  I thought this would be perfect to add extra strength to my holder.  I had 3 sheets which were 12" x 12" and just the perfect amount to cover my holder.   The sheets are just like contact that you get to cover the kids school books but fabric.  I did have my fingers crossed as sometimes me and contact do not agree and I end up with lots of bubbles but everything went on smoothly.

So now I have a neat crafting area again and my papers are all together and ready for me to use.  They are down on the floor near the cuttlebug.

Well best get back to a little cleaning and then finishing off that card that is on my desk.

Happy Wednesday everyone.


  1. I love to recycle things ,using small sturdy cardboard boxes I made lots of these to hold my craft magazines.

    Enjoy the rest of your week.


  2. it is so nice to have a clean craft room - it is really inspirational to get crafting and mess it up all over again ;-)

  3. Merry that's fantastic! What a wonderful idea and it looks better than a bought one - great job!

    Happy cleaning and crafting :o)

  4. Look at you go!! You can come and clean at my house anyday! :) I love when I'm finished but hate the actual cleaning part! Brilliant recycling idea! Looks like it was bought that way!

  5. Well aren't you a clever cookie?? Excellent idea that I'll be sure to pinch when I get the cleaning and organisation bug! Thanks.

    Hugs, xoxo

  6. Great make Merry and such a tidy room now!

  7. So clever that is... thanks so much for sharing. You are a sweetheart.

    xxx Monica

  8. What a fantastic idea! I have spent the day cleaning up my crafting space today. It feels so much better when it is done! I even have the same Horn sewing cabinet that you do!
    Alicia xx

  9. What a lovely idea to arrange your papers!
    Thank You for sharing

  10. Oh, this is such a cool idea! I have a pizza box which I just received some papers in last week. I was going to throw it out - but not anymore! Thanks for sharing this Merry :-)

  11. Awesome paper holder Merry! What a great idea. Your craft space sounds like mine - I get to a point where it's impossible to work in the space I have with my things covering every available space!


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