Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Stampin Up Fundraiser

A couple of weekends ago I attended the Stampin Up Fundraiser that Ruth organised for Cyclone Yasi.
We had a wonderful day and a perfect day for crafting it was as it was raining all day.
I bought these lovely Stampin Up design papers on the day with matching card. 
Ruth and Robyn had a couple of creations made up to inspire us.
So I tried this coaster and with box.
Ruth gave us instructions for the box and a friend and I worked our way through it.  Me making all the mistakes and telling her to be sure...not to cut this one...be sure to fold it here.  lol.  All the same I am happy how my box turned out.
The coaster started as a plain white tile which we stuck four 1cm cork squares to the base so it doesn't scratch a table.  Then cut a piece of design paper slightly smaller than the tile top.  Clean the tile top so everything glues nicely and glue the paper to the tile.  Ruth advising to to be sure to get all the way to the edge.  Well I did concentrate on this only thing is you have to be sure you glue all of the paper.  Otherwise when you add the Dimensional Magic on top it will make any paper that is not glued properly to bubble and crack the Dimensional Magic.  Yes, I did do two tiles......one I learnt a lesson on. :-)
Before I glued the paper to the tile I stamped it with this lovely Stampin Up image.
Sorry I don't have any names for you.
Once you are sure that the glue and paper a dry then you cover the entire top with Dimensional Magic.  Fun and relaxing to do.  I really thought it would use up a lot of the Dimensional Magic but not so. Be sure to cover right to the edge of the tile and paper.  Prick any bubbles with a pin.  Put aside to dry.

On this wonderful crafting day....Stampin Up are so generous and donated some lovely prizes  to raffle off.  I was very lucky and won a Simply Sent set called....yes...I have a name... Lifelong Notes.
I put together these six cards...using the the card they offer as an example.
These Simply Sent sets would be brilliant if you are starting out as they have everything in them.
Stamps, pre-cut cards, matching stickers, chipboard circles, glue dots, 3d Foam, inkdots.
As my friend Helen, said one of these sets would be brilliant to take on holidays with you...if you have time to craft.

This is the card that I came up with using a pre-cut card from the above set, the stamp and inks.  I used my own Stampin Up design paper and wording.  Also used the Stampin Up punches that were available.

So thanks Ruth for a fantastic day and wonderful company Helen and Glenda.

P.S.  Thanks everyone for your lovely comments yesterday on my kids projects.  They both enjoyed the wonderful feedback.  The cake - was just a vanilla cake - a recipe our daughter found online that doesn't use butter but oil instead.  Each coloured layer is a separate cake held together with her lovely purple icing.  I will have another to share with you in a week or so's time as she plans on making another for a friend at school.

Happy Tuesday everyone.
Shopping and cleaning for me....inside stuff as it is still raining.


  1. Wonderful projects Merri!
    Hugs Jeanette

  2. ooh I like these-so much inspiration and so little time to craft!

  3. Wow it is all so beautiful! The calors are georgeousan especially the box is great!

    Best wishes ILo

  4. oh wow these are awesome!

    How cool you made coasters, that is too clever!

    Love the cards, so fun!!!

  5. lovely project Merri
    stampin up Demos do have some good access for boxes ect.
    lucky you

  6. Hi merry,
    Wow! I love how you made that coaster and box for it to go in! What a fun little project. Sounds like you had an awesome day!
    Alicia xx

  7. Sounds like you guys had an awesome day :) Ruth always has such inspiring projects to show off doesn't she?!

  8. Such wonderful creations Merry. Hugs Michele x

  9. Love your cards Merry. Thank you for stopping by my blog I can always count on you for feedback. You are a great freind, hopefully someday we will meet in person and craft together. Can´t get SU products here so I enjoy seeing what others do as it inspires me!
    Lovve ya!

  10. Everything looks wonderful! I wouldn't of thought to glue so well if putting dimensional magic on top. Great tip for the future!
    I especially love the last card with the flowers! So pretty! Congrats on your win too!
    Oh yes, and good that the cake was only vanilla...I had some strange thoughts as to flavors with all those colors! HAHA!


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