Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fridge Magnets

Morning everyone, I hope my blog is a little easier on the eye now.  My daughter had a play as well last night.  Her choice was just way to bright for me as was my first choice yesterday.  So now I have settled on this background and colour.

My daughter and I have also been busy making some fridge magnets that I can sell this weekend at the Gordonvale markets.  I so hope the weather stays the way it is today.  Sunny and a degree or two cooler I think.

My cousin and I did our first Oral History yesterday for our local museum.  We used a video camera while the interviewee chatted about growing up in this area.  The plan is to edit the video and add photos of what the interviewee was talking about and have this playing at the museum when people visit.  The lady we spoke to yesterday turns 98 this year.  She was such a pleasure to talk to and to listen to.  Growing up in a hut type house, dirt for floor.  Washing clothes in the creek.  I so loved this, - we asked if growing up she could remember any special medications.  She told us that if she or her siblings had a sore throat her Mum would take off her shoes and socks and wrap those socks around the daughters neck.  Eeeewwww!  Not sure how that is meant to work but maybe it was not meant to cure just to stop complaining. :-)   Another one she remembers is for nits - rinising her hair with kerosene.  Now that would kill anything.

Have a terrific Tuesday.  I am washing, washing and washing as it has been raining, raining and raining. Gladly I have a washing machine in my house.


  1. awesome amgnets, they are really pretty!

    Love the new blog look too, the leaves are really nice!!!

    lol, gotta laugh at some of those old fixes they use to have, how awesome to talk to her and have her on tape for history!

    hav a great day!

  2. FANTASTIC Selection of Fridge magnets, I'm sure I could find some room amongst my other magnets lol!

    Love the new blog background, a friend has just done mine and we went for the white background too!

    Happy Washing and if I don't get chance to pop by again, wishing you a successful market with no rain, take careX:)

  3. WOW these are BEAUTIFUL and what a fabulous idea!!! Have fun at the markets!!

  4. eeeew.. so glad my mother never tried either of those for sore throats or nits!! Do you think you'd have any hair left? hehe
    Love these magnets.. I am always needing more so hang more crap on the fridge.. honestly, our fridge looks like a giant corkboard lol!! Have fun at the markets.. hope the weather is nice - so lovely down here ♥

  5. Great idea!!! and I prefer your blog now. I am also washing, washing, washíng...yesterday my son came with his pants brown!!! they where black....also raining, raining...but today its sunny!!

  6. Love the fridge magnets Merry, I'm sure you'll sell them all, they're so sweet! Your blog looks gorgeous and it was interesting to read the story from the sweet old lady, my goodness, we don't know how lucky we are these days with all our little luxuries :). Have a good week, Chris.

  7. Fab magnets, wow you have been busy to make so many...love the new look blog, very soothing actually......sounds like the 98yr old Lady had some interesting things to tell you,love to hear old time stories...xxx

  8. My husband's dirty socks would kill any virus you can think of! Stinky!! Sounds like a realy nice project video. Love the frigy magnets.

  9. Love the new blog.
    I've heard of the sock thing over here in the UK too.
    Love these magnets, especially the dress ones.

  10. These are absolutely gorgeous! I love them. How interesting your history project sounds.
    Alicia xx

  11. Pretty new blog! Great magnets...hope you do well and have fun as the sale this weekend!
    What a great experience to get to talk with someone about the area from so long ago! Ick...I wouldn't want socks anywhere near my face though....that sure would keep me from complaining of a sore throat! LOL! And kerosene...wow, that seems like an extreme approach but hey your right...that would kill anything!


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