Friday, September 10, 2010

Watercolour of Walsh's Pyramid Gordonvale

Morning everyone....the end of the week is here.  :-)  A beautiful sunny day, will probably be a little on the warm side.  25C right now but heading for 30C

Todays card was inspired by the lady I volunteer with at our local Museum.  She is in her 70's and an amazing seamstress (she made the handbag in this post), great cook and an artist.  In the past she has done folk art and was selling her artwork at the local markets.  She brought in some examples of her work....a small painting and a coaster with Walsh's Pyramid painted on them.  This is our local landmark which stands 922m high and looks like a pyramid.  After seeing her wonderful work I came home and played with a photo that my daughter took and you can see here.  I found a program that turned it into a sketched image which I printed onto watercolour paper.  Then dragged out my Aquamarkers and aqau brush and started colouring.  I need a lot more practise but had fun using a photo this way. My favourite part of the image is the tree to the right hand side.  I don't have the colours right for the pyramid...but practise, practise.


  1. very cool Merry!!!!!

    a neat idea to turn the photo into a sketch to color, and your colour is awesome, looks like a watercolour painting!!!

    Beautiful work!!!

  2. gorgeous,
    what wonderful painting,

  3. What a clever idea Merry - it looks fantastic! :)

  4. Really neat!! I think it looks great!


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