Friday, November 20, 2009

You have to check this out Laura designed a card for me.

What a lovely surprise this morning as I was catching up on everyone's creations. Laura from over at Mi Sello Personal blog has posted the cutest card to celebrate the arrival of my little nephew. How special is that!!!! Laura is so clever drawing these images and cutting out all the fine details. Love it.

My daughter and I finally got to visit little Jack last night and both had a wonderful cuddle of him. He is toooooo cute. Mum is doing well too.

I don't have a card to share today as my hubby was home yesterday and I was playing nurse. My hubby rides a bike (bicycle) and was riding in a race on Wednesday night at the local track. He clipped the wheel of the guy in front and came off at about 40km and has bruises and skin off everywhere. One thing is good that he had a helmet on. It has at least three large cracks in it that we can see. The doctor told him to take it easy and have yesterday and today off work. But he will be back on a bike in no time I am sure. He is just feeling very stiff and sorry for himself at the mo.

Oh, I just have to do this and hopefully it is a post he visits........a huge wave to my brother and his wife in Florida. Wave, wave, you recognise my hand this time? :-)


  1. Oh your husband is lucky he had a helmet on. Take good care of him. Sharon

  2. Oh my dear Merry ,you are adorable,im so happy for your beautiful nephew,but you are wonderful ,thank´s to you ...lotsa love..Laura

  3. What a nice card posted from Laura!

    Sounds like your husband is lucky he had a helmet on!
    Hope he heals up quickly...send him my best wishes!

  4. I have seen the card and it is lucky are you!!!

  5. Men and their toys, sigh! Glad he didn't hurt more than he did!! Will check the card! Take care! Hugs Nilla

  6. Oh my. I hope your hubby recovers nicely. It sounds like he's being well looked after by you. Thank goodness for helmets!
    Kylie xo


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