Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Friend Award

The lovely Stacie over at All Things Crafty gave me this wonderful award. Thanks so much Stacie. To finish off this award I am meant to list five things about myself. Hmmmmmm......
1. I am lucky enough to live on 2 acres of land.....so have plenty of gardens to keep me outside at times.
2. I love the smell of the rainforest.....lucky I live in the tropics.
3. Feed me Mexican any day but if you want to prepare any meal and I don't have to cook I will be in that too. :-)
4. I am a quiet and shy person and am finding this really hard thinking of five things to talk about myself.
5. I enjoy playing sports. Grew up playing field hockey. When the kids started school I joined a small group of ladies for very social tennis of a Tuesday arvo. Our kids are now in high school. Also tried touch football for a couple of years. Now my brain is willing but my body just won't move so I enjoy watching my daughter play.
Next I am meant to pass this onto five wonderful people. I find this too hard to choose as I have enjoyed getting to know you all. If you visit I would like you to take this award and share a little of yourself.

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Thanks for much for visiting my little part of the world. I really appreciate the time you have taken to leave me a comment. I love hearing from you and if you are new I really like the fact I can now visit your blog too.


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