Sunday, November 15, 2009

Gardening and I won! - (Leichhardt Tree)

Edit: Thanks to a lovely lady Suze over at Craftmad I now know that this tree is a -

Nauclea orientalis - Leichhardt Tree. Large tree with prominent leaves approx 25cm x 10cm. Yellow & white flowers are crowded into a globular head about 2.5cm. dia. Plants require water at all times & can't be allowed to dry out. Distribution NT, Qld & WA

Hi everyone, hope you are having a wonderful weekend. No cards for me today as yesterday was such a beautiful day after a week and bit worth of rain. Perfect for gardening as those weeds come out very easily. So now the vegi garden is weeded and our front four garden beds. Also all the palm fronds have been picked up to stop the Dengue mosquito moving in.
While wandering around our yard yesterday my daughter and I discovered the above tree covered in the most amazing flowers. Love finding hidden surprises. Although we do find it each year it's still like finding it for the first time. These yellow ball flowers dry up into a wonderful brown seed pod. The seed pod we actually saw used at a recent craft show painted gold and used as a Christmas decoration. So my daughter and I will be out collecting soon. Sorry, I have no idea what the name of the tree is but if anyone does I would love to hear from you.
Oh and yes, exciting, I won the random draw over at Saturday Spotlight challenge. Lucky me gets to spend $15.00 at Stamp-By-Step. Yes, I have been over to check the shop out and would like to buy everything. lol But have decided on some ribbon to stock up my tiny collection.


  1. CONGRATS Merry you really deserve it with your gorgeous creations!

    And that Flowering Plant is very unusual I love it!

  2. Congrats Merry and well done!!! Love that gorgeous flower!!

  3. Very neat plant...I am just jealous because everything in Indiana is of course dying because of the weather getting colder so not much in the way of flowers :(
    I do have an inside orange plant that has an orange hanging on still!! LOL!
    Congrats again on your shopping spree!

  4. What an interesting tree with its unusual flowers. Can't wait to see the Xmas decorations coming up. Yip, nature is full of surprises.


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