Monday, September 28, 2009

New Background Layout and some Cupcakes

Morning everyone, I have found this wonderful blog - Template Mama. This lady does the most amazing blog templates I had a hard time choosing. Best thing is she had 3 column templates available which I have been on the look out for.....and great instructions on how to install them. Only thing is I didn't save my Blog Candy links and pictures in my sidebar which I should she had instructed. lol

I had fun yesterday creating these little cupcakes and finishing off the flower pincushion. I always find it very relaxing. Hope your weekend was great.


  1. I really like your little cup cakes. Your new blog paper is great. I have three column blog and having a hard time finding something that is me. I am trying to make my oun, with not much luck.. can't get the size right for 3 column. LOL

  2. Oh wow my dear Merry ,this is fantastic ,you are an artist.

  3. Cute little cupcakes,love them!!! Beautiful blog,love the colours!!

  4. Love the new layout! Beautiful! And the cupcakes are adorable, want, want!!! Hugs Nilla

  5. Really like the new template! I actually tried to do a three column one yesterday and failed miserably.
    I also LOVE your pin cushions! The flower one is GORGEOUS!! LOL...I think there is a theme on what I like...flower stickers, flower pincushions, prima flowers! Flower flowers...haha! :)

  6. What a fab idea Merry and so useful.

    Nice new layout as well.

    B x


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