Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dust is here in Cairns

If you are in Australia.....remember the dust that was on the news and down in Sydney NSW yesterday. Well it is up here in the tropics now....thankfully not as thick as what you guys down south had to go through. It may look very smokey in these photos but it smells very dusty. I am just amazed that dust can travel so far and really in such a short time. Check out Jhet's photos over at My Crafts and Stuff of the dust in her area of Sydney yesterday.
I have more cards coming....I am working on the weekly inchie challenge for Craftmad at the moment. The theme is 3D.......I am finding it very hard. Wait until I catch up with Sherry who suggested this idea and sent me such wonderful ones that I posted here.


  1. Ick, that is terrible!! Do you have to wear masks when you go outside?? I have never been in anything like that but when my hubby was 3 he lived in Washington State and he remembers when Mount St. Helens erupted (I know not the same thing that you have but still I'm sure it is nasty to breathe in) and there was ash EVERYWHERE for hundreds of miles....he lived quite some distance away from that area but still ash all over the place! I do hope it clears out very soon for you!


  2. I should think that the dust storms must be very uncomfortable. We heard on the news here in South Africa about and that lots of people were suffocating because of it. Hope you are all okay.

  3. I saw the pictures from Sydney the other day, the whole city was red, like in a fire! Scary! We are going there in two weeks! Hugs Nilla


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