Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Joey Pouches & Snappy Pencil Cases - Charity Sewing Australia

I have started on the challenge I set myself to reduce my fabric stash.  I found a wonderful Facebook group  called Sewing for Australia Charity. Each month they sew/crochet/knit something for a chosen charity (different each month).  I like this idea as the projects seem simple and quick and I get to try something new each month.  I joined at the end of December and thought I'd just jump straight in. They were sewing Joey Pouches for baby Koalas and Kangaroos also crocheting nest for possums (I think).  I made 20 Joey Pouches and sent them on their way. This has made a big dent in my fabric stash.

January is all about kids so they have asked for library bags and pencil cases.  I have opted for the pencil cases as the pattern they shared used a tape measure to create the closure.  Something new to try.  I used this tutorial, so much fun.  I bought a $4 tape measure and got 7 pencil cases.  One went to my niece for her birthday.  I have a couple pieces of left over tape measure which I plan on making into a little coin purse.

The little ribbon tabs are on each side of the opening of the pencil case.  These are pulled to open and then let go when shutting and the opening snaps shut due to the tape measure inside along the edge.

 Have a great day.


  1. This sounds wonderful and its always good to know you made a difference, if only a small one, love your creations, going to have a peep at the pencil case patterns...have fun..xx

  2. These are fabulous Merry and a great gift to a charity..Loz

  3. Great project for a very worthy charity.

  4. Trust your good heart to do something for a good cause. The pouches are AWESOME. Glad your fabric stash is being used.
    I too am trying to use up what I have and not buy more.



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