Thursday, January 14, 2016

My Christmas Collection

 Our computer no longer reads my cameras SD card since an upgrade, finally I bought a card reader.  I am surprised at how many photos I have to share and now seeing the blurry photos taken on my old camera very happy with the new camera my husband gave me for Christmas. 

So today I thought I would share all my Christmas photos.  I had a production line going for the cards above.  Made 20 all up and loved being able to use my bling.  The stamp is Festival of Tress from Stampin Up and I bought the matching punch.  I used four different embossing folders for the backgrounds of all these cards. 

Best bit was I proved I was only human with these cards and I am sure gave some people a smile. I stamped the sentiment on the front and thought I might as well do the inside at the same time.  I then completed the front of the card and attached it only to find when I opened the card to write inside I had attached the front to the wrong side…….so all (bar two of 20) of the inside sentiments were upside down.  Yes, I wrote upside down starting with 'Oops'. :-)

I sent this card to my friend and her son who is right into Star Wars.  I did have plans to send a card like this for his birthday at the beginning of December but time got away from me.  So I adapted the card to Christmas.  I copied Lassa's card using the dies I had that best matched.

I think he enjoyed the card.

I decorated some brown bags with christmas paper and quickly sewed up three stockings using the green felt one as a template.  I then filled these with some christmas knick-knacks.  These were used as the prizes in a Christmas Story game at our Museum Christmas break up.  

The story is fun as it is a version of pass the parcel.  In the story references are made to left and right and that is the way the parcel is passed when they are mentioned.  At the end of the story whoever has the parcel ends up with the prize.  

I forgot to send two cards to family members so I quickly made up four….thought it was safe to have spares.  This was the start of my raiding the scrap box.  I cut all the squares and attached to the front of the card then run each one through an embossing folder.   Then attached a sticker sentiment from Sticker Store.

Then it was time for a Christmas present for each of my friends I have had since school.  As I had finally made it to the craft room in December I was really in the handmade mode.  So whipped up these little bags and inside I added Coconut Lemon Meltaways Biscuits… yum and no sugar which I figured was a bonus over Christmas. Although there is a sweetener, I use rice malt syrup and not quite as much as suggested in the recipe. 

Well thats most of my Christmas caught up.  Have a great day.


  1. All fabulous cards and projects Merry. I Love the card you made for the boy and his video..Loz

  2. Love all the tree cards -I have never watched Star Wars but this card made me smile - you were very busy and all the things you made are lovely.

  3. A fabulous collection of work Merry.

    B x

  4. Wow! You've been very busy! Great projects.

  5. Wow, so many beautiful items here. The cards are wow with the trees on them. The fella is amazing what a brill take on StarWars.
    The bags are very neat and the bags for your friends since school are also very cute and cuddly.

    You are an amazing crafter,



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