Sunday, January 10, 2016

More Flowers in the Garden

This is our Flame tree with the last of its flowers.

Our Poinciana is a little slower that others around, finally some flowers.

This is the whole reason for me sharing these flowers.  I bought this bush mainly because of the name. "RazzleDazzleBerry", how could you go past that plus the flowers are pretty too and as you can see the bush is full of flowers.

A closer view of the RazzleDazzleBerry. :-)

A pink Ixoria

Some more Fire Balls.  

The Allamanda is flowering also.

The last of the lillies

Have a great day.


  1. Beautiful shrubs and Lilies Merry, we can grow the latter here but alas not the others.

    B x

  2. Nice summery photo for those of us in the depths of winter! What exactly is a razzledazzle berry? The flowers sure are pretty!

    1. I think it's a crepe myrtle, not sure. I just loved the name. :-)

  3. I love looking at your flowers, esp. as here in North America, the wind is howling outside and we're cuddled up under blankets trying to stay warm, although we did have a warm-up today to 50 degrees F. but since the sun has gone down, the temps have gone back down to BRR! I looked at my thermometer and I think that is 10 degrees C. for you.
    I haven't noticed any less comments/members except from the spammers. They have virtually disappeared overnight! grin! Have you noticed anything like that?


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