Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Happy Birthday to our Daughter

Yes it's our daughters 20th birthday today.  Yes, I am still trying to get my head around the fact we no longer have any teenagers and that our baby is 20. :-0  We don't get to celebrate with her as she is working hard down in Brisbane….so I hope the customers are all in their happiest of moods for her. I made her a starburst card (told you would see a few of these while I use up my scraps).  I have dragged out my sewing machine and added some straight stitching and zig zag to the joins.  Finished with a touch of bling.

Since we couldn't be there with her and she lives in a room by herself I thought I would send a birthday party in a box.

I have crammed in decorations, water balloons blown up, chips, chocolates, lollies, party hats, whistles that unfurl when blown, bubble blowers, popcorn, a miniature game of Trouble (like Ludo) and birthday confetti.  I tried to find some form of cake/cupcake sealed in a package but no luck.  

Have a wonderful day everyone.


  1. Hi Merry it does make you wonder where the time has gone, they do grow up far to quickly don't they, this is a fabulous ides I bet she loved it!!
    Kevin xx

  2. I'm sure your daughter will love her box - I love the starburst cards they are so pretty - I don't have the brains to work out how to make them LOL - have e-mailed you.

  3. I love the design on the top Merry ad what a wonderful surprise when she opens the lid. And yes, they grow up so quickly.

    B x

  4. Fabulous card for your daughter and fantastic party in a box Merry..Loz

  5. Fabulous card design and party box Merry.

    Hugs Diane

  6. Hi Merry this is absolutely gorgeous I love that starburst effect with the pieces of papers it is ACE.
    lorraine x


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