Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Happy Australia Day

Happy Australia day to all the Australians.  

No special celebrations for me but a day at home with my husband.  I will be finishing off new curtains for my craft/computer room.


  1. Happy Australia Day to you and your family Merry.

    B x

  2. Happy Australia to you Merry..Loz

  3. I know I'm late wishing you a Happy Australia Day! What special kinds of things do Aussies usually do on Australia Day? Here in the USA, on Independence Day (4th of July), we usually celebrate with picnics and shoot fireworks. My hubby and I have never been able to afford a big layout of cash to purchase firecrackers to blow up in the street (I've been burnt with one that blew back on to my tummy; I wasn't even aware of it landing on me until it burned right through my clothing to my skin -- OUCH!), so we usually find a town in the area that has a fireworks display in their park to go watch. We take our lawn chairs, snacks & drinks. Sometimes we meet a friend there. Fun!

    1. A lot of Aussies have family barbecues near rivers or at the beach. Lots of sunscreen as it is either hot or we are all hiding undercover as it is torrential rain. For us personally, we don't tend to do anything special just enjoy the day at home. Occasionally, we have had a barbecue in backyard with friends and family. As for fireworks they were banned in Australia when we were kids. Well I know I was around 6yo and now 50 yo because of too many injuries. Now we have firework displays around the countryside for New Years. That sounds painful your experience with the firework.


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