Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy Birthday to my husband

Our first day of 2016 was filled with fun celebrating my husbands birthday.  Everyone home, presents opened, relaxing in front of TV, a game of Monopoly.  This is the card I made for my husband, it's the start of many star/sunburst cards you will see this month.  Yes, I am going to try my hardest to get my paper and card supplies in order and use up the scraps.  So will be on the look out for any card designs that help me do this.  This style of card is quite fun and I have made four with another 6 cut out and ready to be put together.  Brilliant as it covers all my birthdays in January.

This is the birthday cake I made….a bit of flop, although it tastes nice.  For the past year we have been really reducing the sugar we have and I have been baking with rice malt syrup in lieu of sugar.  So thought with all the extras we have been eating over Christmas I would try to bake a slightly healthier cake.  This is a Vanilla Cake made with coconut flour and icing made with cashew nuts.

Well this is what I thought I was making.  :-)  I really think its the camera angle. lol
My version does taste nice but I do not for the life of me know how the white icing was made from the ingredients that were listed.  I have read them over and over. 
Vanilla Cake click here if you would like a try.

Edit: Two days later and the cake is all gone, my husband didn't even offer to share the last piece… it wasn't too bad and I definitely will try it again.

Have a great day everyone.


  1. Happy Birthday Wishes for you hubby from own under. I like your sunburst design which is a different version to the one that I know. I have a hexagon die cut so I can try this out. I need a card for a family member in February that is football mad so I could do it in his clubs colours. My scraps box is overflowing too. I need to use or purge. Welcome to 2016. Hugs Mrs A.

  2. Wendy - that topping looks very much like it's a soft meringue .Love the colour combo on the card.

  3. What a beautiful the sunburst and kudos to you for making a healthy cake!
    Dr Sonia

  4. Happy New Year Merry and what a fantastic card I love how you have layered the papers it looks such an effective pattern those cakes look rather tasty as well.
    lorraine x

  5. Fabulous card for your husband Merry. The cake looks so Yummy..Loz

  6. A fab card and a great way to use scraps - I've got a similar template too. If you are looking to use your scraps (snippets) you could try for inspiration if you don't already know of it, as everyone enters cards made with snippets.
    The cake looks yum too!

    1. Thanks Linby, I have heard of that blog so off to have a look. Need all the inspiration I can get. :-)

    2. me again - my completed ribbon storage is now on my blog as you requested! also with snippets makes!

    3. Thanks so much, off to have a look. :-)

  7. He didn't share the last piece of cake after you made him that gorgeous card......NAUGHTY BOY!!! That cake sounds good. Happy New Year Merry. I am snowed in today and working on my decluttering projects.

  8. love star burst cards and your is fabulous - hope your husband had a lovely birthday and as long as the cake tasted good what does is matter - best wishes Lesley x

  9. Really like the funky design f the Birthday card Merry and the cake looks yummy.

    Belated Happy New Year, my thanks for your visits and apologies mine have been sparse lately, not been so well again.

    B x


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