Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Poinciana Tree

We spied this flower laden tree while going for a stroll after lunch yesterday.
Great guess as to where we are Annmaree but not the Gold Coast as that is way too busy with schoolies. :-)  This was taken along Davidson Road, Port Douglas.


  1. So pretty... I think this tree grows in India too. Is it also called Flame of the Forest by any chance. I think they are called GolMohar Trees in India.

  2. So colorful! We could use a few of these to brighten up our grey days, but they wouldn't like the cold.

  3. oh beautiful tree! Are you Townsville perhaps?

    I'm terrible at locations! Just the pretty tree makes me think of it.

  4. Hey, a red tree too! Just like on my gratitude blog! http://mythankfuljournal.blogspot.com


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