Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Photos from my Tuesday

This what I saw late in the afternoon. Tuesday. Arrived at the boat for a cruise to spy crocodiles and was offered a glass of wine and packet of chips. A great way to relax.
Cruising the Daintree River looking for crocodiles.

Daintree River a storm is brewing.
If you squint, shut one eye and probably hop you will see a big male crocodile in amongst the roots near the brown leaf.  

Traffic on the river.


  1. Looks like a fun way to spend the afternoon. Doggy must think so too!

  2. Lovely... look at that dog relaxing... Thanks for sharing.

  3. Fabulous pictures Merry..loz

  4. Looks beautiful & so tranquil. Hugs Bev x

  5. Looks like a fun time and very relaxing!!

  6. How wonderful! Looks and sounds like you are having a blast!

  7. love the water & boat trips reminds me of when I was younger and lived by the sea - what a lovely welcome you hade best wishes Lesley x


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