Thursday, November 28, 2013

Our Port Douglas/Daintree Holiday through my husbands eyes

Please click on the photos to get a larger view.

These are photos taken by my husband last week of our trip to Port Douglas and Daintree.  If you scroll down a few posts you will see my photos taken on my mobile.

This is a Heliconia we spied in the motel grounds.

Part of the Great Dividing Range which stretches most of the east coast of Australia.

This is a closer view of the rocky outcrop of the Great Dividing Range.

I can't remember this guys name but he was on one of the trees near the entrance of the office for our Daintree River Cruise.

The first crocodile we spied which is a couple of years old, about 1 metre long.

A tree snake which we were at the most 1 metre away from.

Second croc which is a brother or sister of the one above.

You will have to enlarge this photo.  If you look where the brown leaf is pointing to in the branches and directly under that 'L' shaped branch you will see the big male crocs head.  He has one evil looking red eye watching us.

This is what he had been feeding on…..poor cow.

This guy was waiting about four metres downstream until the bigger male had his feed.

And another croc about 3 metres.

Final croc about 1 metre.  His nose is near the green leaf.

This is the wooden shed that my husband stop to take a photo of while we were at Julatten and I sat in the car taking photos of grass….here.

A better view of the microwave mailbox.

These were taken in our yard two days ago.  This the male Yellow Fig Bird watching out near the nest.

This is mum and one of the babies on the ground.  There were two babies.  Seem to be about three birds coming in trying to attack them but Dad bird kept them away.  It didn't seem like the baby birds could fly but I came out to check on them about an hour later and all birds were gone.  

Hope you enjoyed the photos and have a lovely day.


  1. Great photos, Merry. Crocodiles look even scarier than alligators!

  2. Hienoja kuvia. Pelottavat krogotiilet. Hauska, kun mikroaaltouuni on laitettu postilaatikoksi:D

    Mukavaa viikkoa sinulle :)

  3. Beautiful photos Merry.
    Hugs Wilma ☺☺☺

  4. Fantastic photos Merry.. Love the microwave post box..Loz

  5. I take it you don't swim with the crocs? !!! :) Like the unique mailbox!

  6. Former pastor said his first missionary experience was baptizing in a river in South Africa. He waded out to the middle when somebody yelled out to him to watch out for the crocs. Several were baptized that day with nary a croc in sight. What do you think? :)

  7. Beautiful snaps! I looove that lizard! and the crocs and snakes...

    I'm so enamoured with reptiles! The lizard looks so funky and almost prehistoric with those spines and horns!!! As does the crocs! Very Cool!

  8. What lovely pics. The birds of paradise is so rich and different from what grows here. The crocs are cool and the snake, so close!!! Iguana's cousin is a great picture too.
    Glad you had a nice time and the microwave mail box is a creative idea. Wish the whole world would do that to microwaves. Lol.
    Glad that Susan will carry on with Unstampabelles.

  9. Great photos, got to love that mailbox!


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