Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Quilt Block and Scavenger Sewing Hunt

We have starting swapping Quilt Blocks again at Craftmad.  We have decided to swap a Churn Block each month until the end of the year.  Never to late to join in.  Each month we will use a different colour of the rainbow and using bright or jewel colours with a black background.  
This month it was green......I so love the contrast of the colours and had a great time creating this block.
August we are using 'Red'.  If you would like to join in there is a group opening on Thursday for people to add their names.

A closer view.

Including me there are four in the group.  Yes, we made and swapped one for each person in the group and I liked Cathy's idea.....of making one for myself to add to the finished quilt.

Our Craftmad July Sewing Swap was a Scavenger Hunt.  So fun to go shopping with a list and stand in the sewing section to fit things into each category.

1. Something with Stripes - Buttons
2. Something 1m or more in length - Ric Rac
3. Something Round - Velcro Spots
4. Something Textured - Cat Motif
5. Something Purple - Purple Braid Ribbon


  1. I've always thought my sewing machine skills were not too bad as I've made clothes for myself and Steve over the years but I can not quilt .My cutting out seems to be the problem ,I have a rotary cutter but my pieces never seem to be the same size.

    Enjoy your day and thanks for all your kind comments.

  2. Great quilt blocks Merry..Loz

  3. Wonderful quilt block, fantastic idea to swap! Never quilted but am in awe of those that can, we just went to the Quilt fair at the weekend, some out of this world creations. Beauiful Christmas card below, have a lovely weekend, take careX:)

  4. Sounds fun and love that quilt block! The contrast really stands out!

  5. Those are neat quilt blocks I love the green with the black, works really well!

  6. Loving your green. I love the use of black backgrounds as it pops the colors you use.

  7. So do you get to keep this block, or are you swapping it? What are you doing with the scavenger hunt goodies? Or are you swapping them also?

  8. I made a block to keep for myself and I will also receive a block from the other three members involved in the swap. The scavenger goodies were sent off to my partner. However, I receive a group of goodies from my partner too....which just happen to have arrived in my mailbox. Will have to post a photo soon to show you.


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