Friday, August 10, 2012

Walsh's Pyramid for Stacie..... oh, and everyone else. :-)

A borrowed photo of the Pyramid with sugar cane growing in the foreground.  This road heads towards our place. Right hand side.

A photo taken by my friend Joy.  Front view of the Pyramid with a cane field ready to be planted.

A photo taken by my daughter with cane carriages waiting to be filled.  A left hand view.


  1. Thank you for sharing these photos Merry l feel as if l'm there they are so inviting!! xx

  2. Nice photos. We can just see the top last quarter from our house in Bentley Park. I love it when the tip is covered in clouds. It sometimes looks like a volcano.

    Stampin’ Stuff Blog

  3. Great photos. So interesting to see. Love knowing a little bit about your area.

  4. Oh cool!! Thanks so much for sharing these photos! That pyramid is gorgeous and I love sugar cane (had it on vacation once and I was addicted)!! Too bad it doesn't grow around here. :(

  5. Great photos thanks for sharing them best wishes Lesley x

  6. Great photos Merry It certainly looks like a fun day.

  7. Great mountain Merry, so unique!


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