Monday, August 13, 2012

Pyramid Race Day.....such fun.

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 Pyramid Race day we woke to perfect weather.  Was up and going at 6am to head to Norman Park to set up the stall ready for a 7am start.  Started packing up around 4pm and home at 5pm.  Great day.  Caught up with lots of friends sold over 10 cards so I am happy.  The rest of the stall was a success too.  This photo gives a better idea of what the terrain of the Pyramid is like.

All these photos have been taken by my Hubby and I have to say he has some wonderful shots.  I am thinking I will have to start sharing my blog. :-)  He took this on the way to the markets.

Me selling to a few customers.  Pre-loved books on the left, kids toys and books in front of me and cards and crafts to the right.

These kids put on a wonderful Aboriginal dance display.  Look how young some of them are.  Too cute.

Police on patrol...not that they were needed, that I saw.

Gordonvale's main street - Norman Street.  The crowds are getting ready for the start of the race.

Runners are talking final tactics.

Last instructions about how the race is to be run.

Crowds have now formed on the other side of Norman Street as they all streamed out from Norman Park where all the market stalls were.

And there off!!!!  Record time to beat 1 hour 15 minutes and 34 seconds.

Off they go....

Thats a lap of the park done now to run for a couple of k's before they even reach the base of the Pyramid. (922m high)

While we wait for the runners to come back we get to watch the entrants in the 5km Cross Country Race - all ages.

Isn't this the cutest photo.  This little girl had no fear of the Great Dane cross dog (huge) and the dog was so placid too.

In comes the winner at 1 hour and 20 mins.  Sorry not sure on exact time or his name.  Amazes me...looks like he could run another couple of km's.  I would be crawling.  :-)

Have a wonderful day everyone.


  1. Very beautiful pictures!! Looks like an amazing race!! Glad you did well with the selling of the cards!
    Hope you have a wonderful week!

  2. Such awesome pics, Merry, thank your hubby, and thanks to you for sharing his work... his photography is amazing.

    So glad that you sold 10 cards. And the policmen made me laugh - how casual they looked in their shorts and on their cycles.


  3. Great photo journal of a super event.

  4. Great photos! I totally want to tackle that pyramid now! :P

    Congrats on your sales!

    I'm impressed at the age difference in the kids dancing...I would of liked to of seen the performance.

    Runners always impress me...I'm a walker. I remember in school we had to run a mile for class and I thought I was going to die! LOL!

  5. great pics, looks like a great time!

  6. Great set of photos Merry! Looks like a fun day - and WARM! It's been cold here lately and a bit wet at times. Looks nice and springtimey today - four seasons in one day type of day!

  7. Great fotos from this event.Thanks for the watch,Merry.
    The little girl with the dog is so cute ;o)

    Lovely greetings

  8. I love the pic of the dog and child. Just so tender!


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