Friday, August 10, 2012

Lorikeets and Bottlebrush

Click on the photos for a larger view
My hubby has recently discovered the world of photography and has just bought himself a new lens for close ups.  Here are some he took yesterday of the Lorikeets feeding on our Bottlebrush trees.

Some more colour that caught his eye in the garden.  This is the best this Cordyline has looked.

The end of the week again and another fast one.  I am hoping to get stuck into a couple more cards today as my friend and I will be at the Pyramid Race Markets tomorrow.  Yes, even the years seem to be going faster.  The Pyramid Race is an annual event here in Gordonvale where people run up  Walsh's Pyramid and back for fun.  :-)  I have walked it three times in my life and it takes me five hours for the entire trip and that is leaving from the base.  Where as these runners leave from the centre of Gordonvale and do a lap around the central block before running a couple of  kilometres even to get to the base of the Pyramid which is 922m high.  Normally, we are there to cheer on a couple of our friends but they are now older and bodies are saying no way.  However, I do know that Jill over at Creating My Way to Success is planning on running up again.  I have not met Jill before but I wish her luck.

You can find out more info about the Pyramid Race, entertainment and market stalls here.

Have a great weekend everyone and will catch up with you soon.


  1. Love the pretty bird and bright colors of nature!

    You should post a pic of the pyramid! I remember you mentioning this last year but can't remember if you posted a pic of the actual pyramid.

  2. Thanks for sharing these lovely pics... I feel tempted to buy a lens too. Tell your hubby these pics are very nice and vibrant... I like each and every one of them - cannot pick a have.

    Thanks for visiting - it made me smile.
    You are such a decent soul - thanks for touching my life.


  3. Kaunis värikäs lintu ja ihana puu, niin värikäs:) Hyvää viikonloppua.

  4. Have a great weekend . hope you sell lots of cards, - cards mean cash - more cash - more craft supplies .

  5. Oh my what a beautiful bird. What do they sound like. Your husband takes great photos.

  6. Thanks for all your lovely comments. I have passed them on to my budding photographer husband who also said thanks with a smile. Sharon, I was trying to think how to best discribe the lorikeets sound. They don't have a pretty singing voice they are more like a bunch of cheeky teenagers having fun.

  7. Beautiful picture, Wendy, love the Lorikeets :) And that Bottlebrush is just so wonderful, how did you get it to grow so well??

  8. Great photos! I love bottle brush; we used to have one in our yard in San Diego but no beautiful birds like the ones in your photo ever came to it. How'd the race go?

  9. Beautiful photos,well done Colin.

  10. I just adore Lorikeets, and WOW that hot pink cordyline is amazing!!!!


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