Friday, May 20, 2011

Craftmad Create and Chat night on tonight - 20th May

This is on right this very moment. Eight of us having a chat.

I have had someone let me know that they tried to register but hadn't had an acceptance come through yet. 
If this has happened to you. Please email me your username and I will forward it on so they can action it.
They just get so much spam it is hard to get through to the genuine people.

Just a reminder that Kaye and Kerry will be in the Craftmad Chatroom tonight (7pm QLD time) to show you how to make these two acetate cards and a shaker card.


  1. This looks like fun so I registered with the site on Tuesday and here we are 3 days later and my registration still hasn't been approved - unfortunately this is the second time I've tried to register with that site :o( Oh well, maybe one day - hope everyone has fun tonight :o)

  2. Hi Merry, all sounds like fun, sorry not been around as much just lately, don't know where the days are

  3. Hi Merry- I signed in at craft mad chatroom!
    But later I have to go to the vet with my doggie- she has a very bad cough!

    Best wishes ILo


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