Saturday, February 5, 2011

We are back and survived

Hi everyone, just a quickie.  We are are all well including my family and friends that live in Cairns and Gordonvale.   We were so extremely lucky that the cyclone headed south and we were on the edge.  Still a very strong edge.  More detail later.  It was scary.  House no damage.  Branches and leaves everywhere.  Have been cleaning up for last three days but that is what you get for having a big yard.  No power until today at 2 1/2 days.  Landline and mobile went out this morning but back on again around 2.30pm.  Only lost them this wonderful to have a little contact.  Must go and do some more work.  Back to normal Monday I am sure.  :-)  So sorry for everyone just an hour south of us.....devastating.


  1. Merry I am so very glad to hear all is ok - we had hoped that was the case - but knowing where you live and the conditions of the highway was worried about trees near your house... glad all is good!!

  2. Great to hear you are all OK.A very sad situation for so many people up there.It will take a long time to get things back to normal.Just hope another one doesn't come along over the next couple of months.


  3. Phew!! So glad to hear that you're all safe. Now just for that dreaded clean up. It must've been very scary for you all.

    Big hugs, Kylie ox

  4. Merry, when a hear the news here in Spain of what was happening over there, I always crossed my fingers think of you and your family. I am glad to hear that everything fine. Rgs

  5. I'm happy to hear your all safe and well. I can imagine how much mess there would be to clean up, but thank goodness it is all the devastastion you had to endure.

    Glad you got power and phones back, doesn't make you feel so 'alone' to reach out and talk.

    Take Care xoxo.

  6. Glad all is well with you and yours Merry, hoe you have a more relaxing weekend.
    Jenni x

  7. Thanks for letting us know you are ok, I have been thinking of you.

  8. Hi Merry,I am so glad you are all ok,it would have been very frightening!!! I really feel for those affected by the floods and cyclone,we always try to help out.I have already donated to the flood appeal,lets hope they put something up for the cyclone victims!!

  9. Thank goodness you and your family are okay! I have been worried since I haven't heard anything from you so now I am relieved!! :)
    My heart goes out to those that weren't so lucky.

  10. So happy your all OK...watched the news with bated awful and must be so very scary......take care.xx

  11. glad to hear you are OK ;-)
    your stamps have arrived - thank you so much, they are great. I hope my parcel has made it to you safely ;-)

  12. So glad you and your family are safe Merry! My heart goes out to all those people that are being affected, by water and fire! Take CareX:)


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