Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just a little pre-occupied at the mo.

Sorry I have nothing to share at the moment but my mind is elsewhere.  Over the weekend we watched as cyclone Anthony approached the coast but headed south of us and we, luckily, didn't get anything from him.  People further south around Bowen had lots of wind and rain.....some trees down and I am sure house were damaged in some way but not major.

But now.....cyclone Yasi a huge cyclone is heading straight for us at this stage.

Nothing much showing on our radar at the moment....


it is very still outside and just a sprinkling of rain every now and then.

Now the local supermarket is a different story....plenty of action there.  Everyone buying those few odd things that they need just in case.  For me....it was just a top up of dog food, tin food for us, UHT milk ... oh and biscuits for coffee with my cousin this morning.  Next stop on my outing this morning....fill the car up with fuel and so was every other person. :-)  Thought I would beat the rush.....so did everyone else.

So hopefully Thursday when everything is meant to be over I will be back and posting.  But in the mean time I am happy to visit your blogs for inspiration.  :-)


  1. I cross my fingers for you-- heard about in the TV today. As far as I had a Hurricane in Mexico last time- kind of exiting-- but it is quite another thing when you are in a fear for your home! But everytime when I hear about a hurricane somewhere my heart starts beating again.

    Best wishes ILo

  2. You all take care! I truely hope this cyclone dissipates before it hits, Queensland has been through enough!!

    Stay Safe, lots of prayers for you all up there!

  3. Hi Merry

    I will keep my fingers crossed that the storm stays away .I will post your prize today ,spent the weekend looking for a pack of the cute elephants to add in.

    Keep safe

  4. Stay safe Merry and family. Thinking of you all

  5. I will be thinking about you guys and hope that everything is okay!

  6. Oh Merry, I hope you will be ok, so sorry this is happening, stay safe hun.xxx

  7. I hope you are ok and it passes safely. I bet you are glad you got to Egypt when you did, seems like trouble is not far behind you at the moment!

  8. Hi merry,
    Thinking of you up there with that big cyclone approaching. Stay safe and take care.
    Alicia xx

  9. Thinking of you Merry and hoping that it is all over soon and that you will all be safe and well, take care.
    Jenni x

  10. Hi Merry, I hope you have come through Yasi ok, we lost our garden shed and believe there is some damage to the roof (where it tried to pull off the satellite dish) but otherwise just the normal branches and trees... power been back since 3.30 today, others in town not so lucky. We bunkered down in the hallway - Cam slept through the "noisy storm" thankfully!!! Will wait to see how you guys came through - hopefully not too long... take care

  11. Waiting with a nervous heart on news you are all okay after cyclone Yasi!


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