Monday, November 1, 2010

My Crafting Weekend

Morning everyone, I made it back and life is as if I have never been away.  Had the most wonderful weekend with terrific friends.  The only just wasn't long enough.

This first photo I have to share with you is what our self contained motel room looked like when we arrived at 6pm Friday arvo.  We stayed at King Reef Accommodation at Kurrimine Beach.  When we first arrived the lovely lady at reception offered us a cabin even though we had booked the motel room.  So we went to check both out.  For our weekend away the self contained motel room was exactly what we to spread and a kitchen to cook and eat as we needed.  Now the cabins were any other cabin except you are at the most three metres from the sandy beach.  Perfect for a family. So we all have this tucked away in our brains for family weekend at some stage.  I also have to tell the food at the restaurant was just beautiful.  Huge dishes.  I had the Barrimundi and there was none left at the end.

Now this is the room 10am Saturday morning.  That's my seat right in front of you.  We set up Friday night....had the yummiest tea in the restaurant then crafted until 12.30am....way past my bed time. Up again at 7.30am for a stroll along the beach.  Bit of crafting, bacon and egg muffin (by Ruth) and percolated coffee (by Helen). 

 Some more crafting before heading off to meet the lovely Robyn a friend of Ruth's.  Robyn owns a very cute craft shop (My Scrap & Chatz Room Ph 40652074) in Silkwood be sure to pull in and visit as you drive along that Bruce Highway.  Robyn loves to do scrapbooking and also 'Off the Page' creations.  They are stunning.  Sorry, I don't have any photos of her creations to share here.

After visiting Robyn's we headed back to our little room.  Curtains pulled back, looking out onto the pool.  Therefore, people walking past looking in, and probably thinking we were crazy people sitting admist the paper piles.  Crafted for a little while before stopping for a yummy salad bread roll which we all pitched into to make.  Back to crafting until about 3ish when Robyn turned up with a bag of goodies for each of us.  We each selected a bag without looking inside and what was inside matched each of us perfectly.  All the goodies were to create a little booklet from a piece of 12" x 12" scrap page paper.  So we started cutting and folding with Robyn's instructions.  I will have to post a photo later in the week as I haven't taken one yet.  Fun creation which I will have to do again and be more precise with my scoring of the lines.

More crafting, wine, chocolate, pumpkin cake, chocolate biscuits.  Tea cooked by the talented chef Helen....chicken pasta and salad....very yum!!!!

More crafting until around 12.30am for me....again way past my bedtime.  The other ladies stayed a little longer.  Up at 6.30am Sunday mainly due to the kids in the room next door to us.  Oh, well early start to crafting.   Coffee, then crafting.  Robyn came back for another visit and packing up and lunch slowly happened around 12.30pm ish.  

Thanks to the wonderful people at Kings Reef Accommodation for letting have a late check-out time.

This is the room just before we started packing.

This is a collection of our creations.

Somewhere on there you will spy a sneak peak of a little secret that I can share with you tomorrow.

Now I had better get back into my real life here and go and hang another load of washing out.

Oh before I go I have to share with you what a wonderful place I live in.  I just heard a kookaburra laughing somewhere outside just now and it reminded me, how, while out walking the dog this morning I spied a wallaby sitting and watching me.  I so love that I get to see so many of the icons of Australia right on my doorstep.  Again no camera...sorry.

Ok, going now...take care.


  1. Merry,
    What a great post, sounds like you had a wonderful time wish I could have been there. My friend Stasia here in Mexico was a missionaly in Australia and just loves it there.
    Thank you for your lovely comment on the car card. I too love the beauty around us here in Mexico! Lovely weather and wonderful happy people! God Bless! Audrey

  2. sounds like a great weekend Merry!

  3. TOTALLY awesome Merry, a wonderful weekend that I would die to have!

    But it is always nice to be home, gotta love a kookaburra, we get heaps of those, but no wallabies, how lucky. enjoy!!!

  4. What a fantastic post to read,
    I bet you had a wonderful time
    sure looks like it and what a wonderful place you live in
    Angie x

  5. Sounds like an amazing week-end Merry, your post was very interesting, glad you enjoyed.xx

  6. Wow - thanks for sharing - felt like I was there, you girls had a great time.
    I would have loved to have seen the wallaby - never mind!

  7. How wonderful!! Sounds like a marvelous time! So glad you all had alot of fun! :)

    Your nature surroundings at home sound nice too! :)

  8. Sounds like a fun getaway! Can't imagine seeing a wallaby that close....Have only heard a kookaburra once and it lived in a local zoo.

  9. Oh Merry, what a fun time you all had, the time does go far to quickly though, great to meet other blogging buddies, thanks for sharing, take careX:)

  10. Wow! What an awesome weekend you had!!!!!! What a great idea! Glad you had such a fun time...your creations look stunning!
    Alicia xx


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